Bushfire affected couple create bespoke birdhouses to help native wildlife

This Cudlee Creek couple have started a bird box business to help native wildlife that suffered after the Australian bushfires.

Nest Box Homes is a new business creating bespoke birdhouses for the native birds affected by the recent bushfires.

Founded by Cudlee Creek couple, Ashleigh and Matt Smoker, the journey to Nest Box Homes started when the bushfires ravaged across South Australia late last year.

The Smoker family’s property was just one of the many homes to suffer as a result of the devastating Cudlee Creek bushfires.

Although the house itself was salvaged, over 25,000 hectares of the property was completely burnt.

The couple also lost several large ancient gum trees that have been on the property for many years.

When the two started to clean up the wreckage, they stumbled upon several bird bones and eggshells at the base of the trees.

It then started to dawn on the couple just how much of an impact the recent bushfires had on the country’s native wildlife and birdlife.

“Over time we’ve noticed how significantly the birdlife has changed and has decreased with the fires,” says Ashleigh.”

The COVID-19 crisis came with yet another curveball for the couple, who essentially had to shut down their audiovisual business overnight.

With a desire to help the wildlife so helplessly affected by the bushfires, it didn’t take Matt and Ashleigh long to decide where to direct their energy.

Turning to the CNC router bench recently installed for the audiovisual business, the couple sought to create nest boxes that would provide the local birdlife with new homes.

From that moment, Nest Box Homes was born.

The couple began selling the bird boxes online, so that others who wanted to help the native birdlife could do so.

“We thought, well, we aren’t the only ones wanting to help the birds and wildlife.”

Nest Box Homes has not only been a way for Matt and Ashleigh to give back to the native wildlife but a way to heal after such devastation.

“We’ve still got a very long way to go, physically and mentally but it’s definitely been a big positive step in the right direction.”

Coming in all shapes and sizes, Nest Box Homes’ bird boxes are specifically designed to accommodate an array of bird species, depending on the birdlife and the area in which they are installed.

The bird boxes currently on offer are suitable for a range of native Aussie birds, including Eastern Rosellas, Australian Nightjars, Crimson Rosellas and Southern Boobooks.

Each bird box is made from high-quality AA-A marine-grade plywood and is put together using a finger joint system, with slots and groves for strength and durability.

Shop Nest Box Homes’ incredible range of bespoke bird boxes here.

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