Networking Has Never Looked Like This…

Rub shoulders with the likes of TechRanch and Forbes as Adelaide attempts to break a world record for the largest ever networking event at Tonsley this month.

Would you like to be entertained with South Australian food and wine, converse with some of the brightest minds in Adelaide, AND break a world record? Seriously, this is some Macgyver stuff…

Well, it’s an opportunity anyone in Adelaide can take advantage of with an open invitation to ‘Icebreaker16’, held by Flinders University to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Think of the changes that could be made to Adelaide, with more than 1,200 like-minded innovators sharing their ideas and interests over a bubbly glass of champagne? We guess that depends on just how the champagne takes hold…

High profile entrepreneurs including Kevin Koym, Founder of TechRanch, and Kevin Ready from Forbes, wish to join business leaders, researchers, students and yourself, for an evening of relaxed celebration, and creating chit-chat that is going to greaten South Australia.

The evening will be held in Adelaide’s South, new Tonsley Innovation District, and will kick off at 6pm with the hope to break the speed networking record by matching every participant with 20 others for a three minute conversation over an hour and a half.


Nervous about talking with some of the brightest minds in Adelaide? A selection of South Australia’s finest wines will be available, and plenty of food to pile on top of those butterflies.

Whether you live in Adelaide, are visiting, or want to dress in your smartest outfit and pretend to know everything about something you have no clue in… then have your say! and if you’re wrong, just blame it on the wine!

For more information on Icebreaker16 and to register for the event, visit Eventbrite.

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