Never Never Distilling release two new bottled cocktails just in time for the festive season

With only 500 bottles of each flavour, these two new cocktail bottles are extremely limited and make the perfect addition to any Christmas party.

Negronis and Italian baked goods? Gin-flavoured Icy Poles? The Never Never team have again shown off their flavour wizardry with their latest, shiny-new release; two bottled cocktails just in time for your Christmas-long lunch or office party.

There are only 500 bottles of each available because they are made in-house at the distillery door, so if you’re partial to a festive palate quencher, these won’t be around for very long.

Never Never’s Panettone Negroni and Oyster Shell Gimlet are two limited edition ready-to-pour cocktails from Australia’s most exciting gin-flavoured fun factory.

Both cocktails have been developed by the Never Never bar team that quickly became the most popular drinks at the distillery door. So popular that they decided to put them in a bottle and let the rest of Australia try them as well!

Why drink Christmas Gin when you can drink Christmas Negroni’s instead? The Panettone is to Christmas as Bondi is to budgie smugglers. Even if you don’t have an Italian Nonna knocking one up from scratch you’d be hard-pressed to avoid the pyramids of Panettone that pop up at supermarkets at Christmas each year.

It provided the inspiration to create a Negroni that tastes like buttered fruit toast spice combined with notes of sweet candied fruit. It’s a luxurious and convenient Christmas twist on the world’s most popular gin cocktail.

The clever bartenders at Never Never use Triple Juniper Gin, Campari and Regal Rogue vermouth skillfully blended with aged muscat, orange curacao, rye distillate and vanilla bean. The result is a cocktail that does its Italian heritage proud and is the new must-have on the table at Christmas lunch (or Christmas dinner, or any dinner, or when the kids go to bed, or when you have friends around or when you’re Binge watching the latest season of Yellowstone in nothing but cowboy boots and a dressing gown by yourself).

Remember Lemonade Icy Poles at the public pool? Well, the Oyster Shell Gimlet is all that but gin flavoured. This cocktail tastes like zesty, salted lime-leaf and sticky ice block wrappers on hot days by the coast. Its fresh citrus kick makes it the perfect cocktail pairing for fresh, local seafood.

The cocktail is made using the award-winning Oyster Shell Gin, house-made split lime leaf syrup and premium Barossa Apera and tastes like a sunrise if that sunrise was lime and gin flavoured. You can serve it ice-cold straight from the freezer and poured into a chilled coupe for a traditional gimlet serve or pop it in a highball glass with plenty of ice, topped with soda water.

Pop in a Kaffir Lime Leaf and you’re off to the races. Did we mention there are only 500 of each? Don’t expect these to be around too much longer.

These limited edition releases are available now. Get yours at the Never Never website and follow along on Facebook and Instagram for further updates.


Panettone Negroni | $70

Oyster Shell Gimlet | $70

Panettone Negroni & Oyster Shell Gimlet Cocktail Bundle | $130 + Free Shipping

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