New Adelaide Fashion Label To Watch Out For In 2019

Nasreen Jawad started her self-named label to offer Adelaide women high end fashion at an affordable price.


Whilst Adelaide may not be the epicentre of fashion in the way Milan, Paris or even Melbourne are, we have produced some amazing creatives that are progressively making their mark internationally.

As our pool of Adelaide designers expand, so does the international attention we receive and in late 2018 a new label entered the mix with exciting ideals.

Nasreen Jawad started her self-named label to offer Adelaide women high end fashion at an affordable price.

After migrating to Australia in her teens, Nasreen found herself assimilating to western culture through fashion. Becoming engrossed in classical novels from the romantic era.

She found that much of the formal wear was not inclusive to women of all cultures. Therefore, she took these inspirations from Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë and Thomas Hardy and designed garments that are classically feminine but are intended to be inclusive to every woman.

Photo Credit: Dino Proctor

Her clothing offer a mix of daring and modest, of classical themes and modern accents. All her pieces are handmade using fine materials like silk organza, brocade and velvet alongside carefully thought out embellishments.

“I want my garments to be considered timeless pieces. I want the women who wear my clothing to feel not only beautiful but unique.” She says.

Many of her garments are also dual-purpose, perfect for weddings, formal events as well as a range of modest pieces so that women can feel comfortable purchasing her clothing without the necessity of further alterations.

She’s revealed her exciting plans for her next collection, hinting that the fabrics she will be working on in 2019 include silk satin, silk muslin, voile and embroidered linen.

Nasreen Jawad‘s recently launched label is another step in Adelaide establishing itself as a fashion forward city.

To shop Nasreen Jawad click here. Otherwise keep updated on her designs by following Nasreen on Instagram.


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