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New Adelaide Market To Be Set Atop The Arkaba Carpark

Come October, these brand new suburban markets promising a handcrafted destination. And they’re seeking stall holders now if you’re a creative type.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Adelaide loves markets. A lot. But for a while, we’ve had a bit of the same-same. Not that those already around aren’t fantastic, but in case you hadn’t also noticed, Adelaide loves new things. Crikey, we waited so long for this acceleration of Adelaide culture that’s been happening over the last few years, why not enjoy all the opportunities that are popping up.

Like the new Arkaba Handmade Market. Scheduled to debut this October, the Arkaba Village Level One Car Park is set to host 80+ stalls, mixing handmade designers and makers along with local shops and experiences. That neighborhood element sounds wonderful, and is certainly a draw for those who like to chase a bit of a local delight.

So, what are they waiting for? In fact, they’re waiting on stall holders. And in a way, that means that this new opportunity will be largely shaped by those who apply. There are rules around it all though, which are clearly outlined during the application process. Which for makers, creatives and artists and producers, can be found here. No pre-loved clothes is an early stipulation, so that might rule a few people out.

You can find out a bit more by following the markets on Facebook and Instagram. It’s all early days, but if this is the start of a trend towards more suburban markets, then count us in!

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