New Apocalypse Survival Training App Gets You Fit At Home

This totally immersive workout experience features equipment-free workouts seamlessly integrated into a comedy action adventure story where you’re the hero!

It can be tough being cooped up at home. Many of us have surely turned to books, movies, and television to be transported into another world — but there’s only so much vegging out one person can take.

What if you could escape to another world from the comfort of your home and be active?

Apocalypse Survival Training is an audio fitness adventure app. It’s a totally immersive workout experience in which equipment-free workouts are seamlessly integrated into a comedy action adventure story.

The app is a labor of love created by Adele Andersen and her partner. Originally an Adelaide girl, Adele has been working on Apocalypse Survival Training for seven years now with majority of the content made by her and her husband.

It’s been a long time coming, but they finally felt their app could do some good for anyone looking for an at-home workout during lockdown.

You star as the main character, a super-secret sleeper agent embedded into a quirky group of survivors charged with ending an alien invasion of a parallel-reality London.

Think of it like an audiobook, but with full cast, soundtrack and sound effects, and produced in to a high fidelity immersive 3D binaural audio environment.

The story takes place episodically over three types of workout: running, bodyweight circuits and yoga/stretch, to give you the speed, strength and control you need to survive an apocalyptic alien invasion.

The workouts are designed to be easy to follow by audio for new or returning exercisers, while also being challenging for fitter survivors.

Extensive coaching is carried out in an entertaining and encouraging manner and the app provides additional visual and audio support for all exercises, with a choice of Intro or Advanced options.

With only a smartphone or tablet and a pair of headphones, you can transform your workouts into unique exercise experiences, unlike anything else you’ve ever tried, and which can be performed anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

Imaginactive founder Adele Andersen combines a decade of working in the fitness industry as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer with a lifetime of being a geek to create accessible workouts within a vivid time-and-reality bending dramatic narrative.

The audio production and compositions are done by composer, producer and singer Rasmus Andersen and the sound design by BAFTA award-winning game sound designer Adam Hay.

Find out more, including audio trailers at and

View the app on the Play Store or the App Store.

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