New Australian Film Set For Filming In SA

SA we’re getting another film shot in our beautiful state, and this one is set to scare our pants off!

What is worse than being too scared to fall asleep after watching countless cartoons to ease the level of ‘nope’ you feel after watching a scary movie? Staying awake until you die is definitely higher on the list for us! The new South Australian film ‘Awoken’ brings that nightmare of a thought to life!

Even better for us horror (and movie) lovers, starting on Monday 5 March they’ll be filming Awoken here, in South Australia.

Australian Stars, Erik Thomson (800 Words, The Black Balloon, Storm Boy), Sara West (Bad Girl, Peter Allen: Not The Boy Nextdoor, One Eyed Girl) and Benson Jack Anthony (800 Words, Emo The Musical), feature in the film which marks the debut for director/producer/writer Daniel J. Phillips.

A suspense-driven mystery/horror, the film is centered around Karla (West), a young medical student who is trying to cure her brother, Blake (Anthony) from a terminal sleep illness called Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI), where you are unable to sleep until you die. Erik Thomson features as Robert, their trusted father figure who offers a new way to treat the disease. On her quest to treat him, a more sinister reason for his condition is revealed. What can be more sinister than not being able to sleep?!

Award-winning filmmaker Phillips, who co-wrote the screenplay with Alan Grace provides a different twist on the typical horror movie where he “wanted to make the type of horror film not dependent on blood and gore to win its fans, but terrifying sequences they will never forget, and characters grounded in reality.

Awoken is produced by Melbourne-based producer, Craig McMahon of McMahon International (Red Hill, Crawlspace) with Meridian Pictures’ Charles Billeh (SLAM, Cast from the Storm) and Daniel J. Phillips.

Awoken is a Meridian Pictures production, supported by the South Australian Film Corporation and distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Rialto Distribution.

This Australian film is sure to attract all the horror film fanatics and insomniacs!

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