New authentic Italian deli and eatery Tonino set to bring taste of Europe to Goodwood

Italian deli and eatery Tonino is set to open its doors on King William Road with authentic sandwiches, coffee, wine, cocktails and sweet treats.

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Imagine strolling through the cobbled streets of Italy, where you casually peek into your neighbourhood’s small corner deli. There, you’re greeted not only by shelves brimming with the finest quality produce and small goods but also by good conversations with the owners, who feel like family.

Tonino, set to debut next month, aims to recreate that experience in Goodwood.

It’s offering a modern interpretation of the traditional European deli with fun space to enjoy authentic sandwiches, coffee, wine, cocktails and sweet treats.

Co-owned by siblings Anna-Lisa Barone and Nicholas Barone, Tonino draws inspiration from their familial roots and their successful venture, Side Hustle.

“We want to stay true to the essence of the word ‘deli,’ offering shelves filled with the finest Italian products, from pasta to flour to biscuits and olive oil,” shares Anna-Lisa. “Everything will be authentic, home-made, or specially sourced.”

Reflecting the charm of Italian delis, the venue’s layout will feature classic deli style black and white checkered floor, vibrant prints, and artwork that evoke the spirit of Italy. For the colour palette, they’ve chosen shades that not only remind them on an Italian summer, but different elements of foods that take centre stage at the venue.

“There’s the vibrant pistachio green to the warm tones of wheat and flour, the lively orange evokes our refreshing Aperol spritz, while the deep amaretto hue embodies our rich coffee and wine. Lastly, the olive green symbolises the array of small goods like olives that we proudly showcase,” Anna-Lisa.

The Barone siblings emphasise transparency in their operation, with all meats and cheeses cut fresh for customers to see, echoing the traditional deli experience where products are displayed openly.

“When you step into an Italian deli, everything is on display—there’s no hiding. Products are readily accessible for you to pick and choose. We want our customers to be fully aware of what goes into their food,” Nicholas says.

In true Italian style, Tonino is a family affair.

“Nicholas and I, as brother and sister, are co-owners, plus my husband Stylianos Triantafyllidis m. who’s been a major renovator, social media man, and just there every step of the way has also been there for everything. My Dad will even lend his hands for prep in the Kitchen when we open. Our graphic designer also happens to also be our cousin,” Anna-Lisa laughs.

Inspired by their grandmother’s deli in Italy, the owners are aiming to carry on her legacy in Australia, albeit in a modern setting.

Staying true the family ethos, the name ‘Tonino’ pays homage to the sibling’s grandfather (Nonno), and many of the food selections were favourites of his, or recipes inspired by his recipes.

With a focus on authenticity, Tonino will offer a range of Italian specialties, including homemade sandwiches with freshly baked bread, and a unique selection of Italian pastries like maritozzi (Italian cream honey buns), pasticciotti which resembles a miniature pie, often filled with egg custard or ricotta cheese.

Of course, there will also be a selection of Italian coffees, including the Cremino—a sugar coffee cream for espresso, a Naples specialty which the siblings haven’t seen anywhere in Adelaide yet.

For sandwiches, a highlight from Tonino which gives us a glimpse of what’s to come is the porchetta sandwich—a savoury combination of pork belly roast from the families home region, Italian pickles, and agliata, all crafted from their own recipe drawing inspiration from their grandfather.

While Tonino acknowledges the current popularity of sandwiches, the team assures that their offerings will not simply conform to trends but will instead focus on delivering an authentic Italian experience.

“We want Tonino to be more than just a place to grab a quick bite. It’s about celebrating our heritage, sharing our family’s recipes, and creating a welcoming space where customers can connect over delicious food and drinks,” says Nicholas.

Anna-Lisa and Nicholas draw inspiration not only from their family history but also from their successful venture, Side Hustle, which they describe as a communal space reminiscent of hidden gems found in Italian villages.

“I started Side Hustle in 2021, and it became an icon—a community hub where interactions with customers were valued,” explains Nicholas. “We want to bring that same sense of community and warmth to Tonino.”

The pair were searching for the perfect location for quite some time, and King William Road was their top choice. It’s a real walking street with cobblestone streets, which is very European.

“We noticed a significant absence of Italian food culture, particularly the traditional deli style, in this part of town, presenting a clear gap in the market. We also have connections in the area, having grown up here, making it all the more fitting. Upon seeing the shop, we knew it was the ideal spot for Tonino.”

Where: 114, King William Road, Goodwood
When: Opening early March
More info: Click here
Instagram: @tonino_deli

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