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New bar Anna’s opens with church confessional and sexed-up cocktail names

Grenfell Street’s newest cocktail bar will transform a former Bible house into a space focused on cheeky drinks and inclusion.

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Anna’s, a Bible house-turned-cocktail-bar set to open on Grenfell Street, will have three things that don’t always go hand-in-hand: a confessional room, religious stained-glass windows, and a sex-driven drink list.

We confess: We love the concept.

While the former religious space may not scream “cheeky bar” to most, owner Alexandra Cannizzaro has a vision.

“The venue inspired me on the concept; I never create a concept then find the right place for it, always vice versa,” she says.

“Adelaide is the city of churches, so this really made me interested in this space to then develop the concept.”

The bar will champion inclusion, offering discounts to sex workers, featuring drag queen flash mobs, and . The cocktail list will exemplify the bar’s LGBTQIA+ pride, with names such as “Forgive Me, RuPaul”––a drink with Galliano and orange juice––and sexx worker––which will have gin and lemon.

Although some may view the theme as a tongue-in-cheek nod to religious history, Cannizzaro argues that is not the case.

“A Bible house and an LGBTQ space go hand-in-hand: The Bible is all about loving each other,” she says.

“I don’t think it’s disrespectful; I think it’s being progressive and not being intimidated by some people’s fears with what they attach the Bible to.”

The bar space will have maroon leather booths, pink neon signs in the shape of crosses, and a dance floor with DJs. If guests write a good enough confession in the confessional, they’ll get a free drink.

This is Cannizzaro’s first cocktail bar, but she has previously owned seven businesses in Adelaide ranging from florists to fruit bars. She will also continue to work for much-loved event VinoDisco and host hospitality-enhancing activities such as upcoming WineNot, which will take participants from the CBD to McLaren Vale on a hop-on hop-off shuttle.

“I do a lot of work with South Australia tourism to enhance local economic growth,” she says. “That is my passion.”

Going forward, Cannizzaro will put her love of hospitality toward expanding Anna’s offerings by adding nibbles to the menu. For now, guests will have tasty cocktails, an inclusive space, and a place to boogie and confess.

In keeping with the religious theme, Anna’s is set to open on the 3rd of April, eve of Easter Sunday.

Visit Anna’s Instagram here.

Find Anna’s on 73 Grenfell Street.

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