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NEW BAR: The Golden Wattle On Pirie Street

What was once a thriving drinks spot in the city is about to be brought back to life with a new all-day pub and eatery.

What was once a thriving drinks spot in the city has been brought back to life with a new all-day pub and eatery.

Formerly after-work drinks staple The Office, the space on the corner of Pirie Street and Wyatt Street, has reopened as The Golden Wattle.

Behind The Golden Wattle is a team who all have strong backgrounds in Adelaide hospitality. Damien Kelly and Tom Byrnes (The Metropolitan Hotel) have joined forces with David Blumberg (The Exeter). Then in the kitchen, there’s Josh Phillips (Magill Estate), Ben Quici (Midnight Spaghetti) and Pete Curtis (Port Admiral).

The original bar remains, but a lot of the rest of the venue has been redone or given a freshen up.

The original gaming room on the corner has been moved but it still exists, tucked away behind low walls in a much smaller capacity over the other side of the venue. The high glass walls which form the corner of the venue has become The Golden Wattle’s main entrance.

Above the bar is a mezzanine area with its own bar (and will soon house a pool table), which will be available for functions. There’s also a DJ booth going in. Downstairs they’ll be hosting live music.

The all day venue serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and is initially open six days a week. The kitchen is open so you can watch the talented team at work, and the flame grill tempts you to try their ribs, wings, or steak as you climb the stairs to the mezzanine and get a full view of the kitchen in action.

They are pouring Five Senses Coffee from 7am weekdays to keep all the local office workers happy, and opening the doors a bit later on Saturdays.

Now, back to the food. While we were there we tried the 300g Porterhouse with coal roasted potatoes and dill sour cream, which proved filling. 

The chicken wings, which were actually a starter, were delicious. They were served with tamarind, chili, and pickled mango. Seriously though, the sauce was finger-licking good. Do yourself a favour. 

The Korean-style pork ribs also fared well. They were served with a kimchi slaw, which gave us just enough salad to lessen the protein guilt we had from ordering three meat dishes and no sides.

And finally, even though there was only three of us eating, we couldn’t go past ordering the fritz and sauce sanga. While our editor Jil insisted on calling it Devon, we moved past discrepancy and she annihilated it. Please note she did not share.

While the space had a few different sections for sitting down and having a meal, we particularly liked the bar area for an after work drink with mates. It seems the legacy of The Office will live on in that element at least.

You’ll find The Golden Wattle at 110 Pirie St.

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