New Better Call Sol leaves your bins sparkly clean

Is your bin looking a little grotty? Does it reek as you pass by it in the yard? You Better Call Sol where Solomon Karasha will leave it sparkly for just $10.

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Is your bin looking a little grotty? Does it reek as you pass by it in the yard? You Better Call Sol.

No one likes a dirty bin. Bin cleaning is arguable at the very bottom of the dreaded choirs list. Not only are you cleaning, but you’re cleaning an object that is used to hold rubbish! We definitely understand the reluctance in getting this done.

Thankfully, Better Call Sol is here to do the dirty work for you. The business is brought to you by Solomon Karasha when the idea for the service came to mind late last year.

“I was cleaning my bins at home and thought other people would want the same service,” Sol said.

“I was doing commercial cleaning, then went into residential cleaning which I still do now. Better Call Sol is something I’ve begun on the side, and it’s started out pretty well.”

To get your bins looking as good as new, Sol recommends sending a private message to the business’s Facebook page.

You’ll need to leave a message of the days you want the bins washed and your address/location. Sol will tell you what date works best and chooses this to best line up with the day after your bins are emptied.

All you then need to do is leave your bin empty outside in your front yard. Sol will come by and make your bin sparkly clean where he’ll leave it out to dry for you.

Better Call Sol charges $10 to clean one bin or $25 to clean three bins. The charge includes the use of Sol’s own cleaning equipment, and he’ll need to know where he can access tap water to do the cleaning.

Better Call Sol cleans bins at a maximum distance of 40 km from the city and he said people have been really happy with the service.

Find out more about Better Call Sol and book to get your bins cleaned through its Facebook page.

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