New Book Shares The Secrets Of Adelaide Nutritionist

We’ve had our noses buried deep inside the pages of Kasey Wilson’s new book, learning about how our hormones can affect our everyday life… beyond the little things like, you know, crying over puppy videos on the Internet.


In all honesty, ‘balanced’ to us usually means a glass of white in one hand and a glass of red in the other. But nutritionist, naturopath and all round lovely lady Kasey Willson N.D. has been showing us the light lately (admittedly we’ve been slow on the take up!) And so it was a pleasure to join her for the launch of her new book ‘Balanced: The Natural Way to Healthy Hormones.’

We left our heels at home and donned our best activewear; we switched champagne for green smoothies and herbal tea; we nibbled amazing raw dessert from the gurus at Nutrition Republic. And you know what? It was awesome. How on earth cheesecake that healthy could be THAT delicious is beyond us, but we’re officially switching to raw desserts for every meal from here on out (disclaimer: this may or may not be short lived.)

The activewear was not purely for aesthetics, nor was the setting (Xtend Barre Studio.) Our lycra clad booties indulged in a short but sweet yoga or barre class. It became clear quite quickly that many of those in Adelaide’s social scene are more balanced in stilettos than in a headstand position; nevertheless, we shared many-a giggle whilst trying.

But of course, the most important aspect of the evening (no, it wasn’t the raw blueberry cheesecake, shockingly enough) was the big hardback reveal. As lovers of plenty of Kasey previous work (21 Day Summer Detox and the Vibrant Woman Challenge we couldn’t wait to flick through her new expertly researched new book.

We’ve spent the weekend with our noses buried deep inside the pages, learning about how our hormones can affect our everyday life… beyond the little things like, you know, crying over puppy videos on the Internet or mentally breaking up with our partners 328 times in a day for not folding the towels properly.

It goes beyond just how we’re feeling emotionally but how and why the whole rest of our body functions. Can’t seem to shift those extra few pounds even though you feel like you’re being a healthy human most of the time? Yeah, that could be your hormones.

‘Balanced: The Natural Way to Healthy Hormones’ explores in great detail the cause of many of your hormonal issues and easy, natural ways to help fix them. The results? Healthier skin, weight loss, less bloating, less stressing…. and less crying at Youtube videos (the latter not entirely guaranteed.)

Our health can be an overwhelming maze of information and it’s super refreshing to pick up a book that explains both the problems and solutions to you properly. Right now we feel like we’re dripping in knowledge of how to make our lives happier and healthier. We’re starting off by throwing away the lids on our coffee cups (yeah, trust us.)

If you’re not sure you need to book but are interested in learning more you can download her free hormone blueprint guide at the moment too and start your hormone education!

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