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New bubble tea spot Cha N Me opens in Henley

With drinks ranging from classic taro and Thai milk teas to frozen chocolate and matcha lattes, Henley’s Cha N Me has every type of bubble tea you could imagine.

Photos by Cha N Me.

Well these will certainly cool you down after a trip to Henley Beach! 

Henley’s new bubble tea spot, Cha N Me, has opened just in time for summer’s end, and its colourful interior is the perfect place for a post-beach stop.

“Located just a few mins away from the beach, it’s a perfect cool down from the summer heat,” the spot says.

The menu boasts a variety of drink choices such as lattes, milk teas, fruit teas, sparkling teas, and frozen teas. Lattes include matcha and coffee, milk teas include classic taro and oolong, Mango Madness and Passionfruit Punch are among the fruit tea flavours, and frozen and sparkling teas each include a variety of flavours, such as guava and blueberry. 

In typical bubble tea fashion, there’s a variety of toppings as well. Customers can get traditional pearls, flavoured popping pearls, aloe vera, red bean, sago, custard pudding, and various jellies––herbal, coffee, lychee, grape, coconut and rainbow. Guests can also choose between milk or cheese foam, how much ice they want, and how much sweetness their drink should have. 

There are also limited food offerings, such as Hong Kong-style bubble egg waffles and dumplings. 

The Cha N Me owner was inspired to start their own shop after being passionate about bubble tea since birth.

“The nostalgia from growing up overseas in Thailand, having tasted authentic Thai bubble tea along with having the family background in business spurred on the idea for Cha n Me,” the owner says.

Check out the website here.

Find Cha N Me at 37 – 41, shop 7 Henley Beach Road. 


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