Elementary Coffee Launch On-The-Go CBD Coffee Station Serving Speedy Gourmet Sandwiches

Elementary Coffee has just opened a new on-the-go coffee station in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD.

Ever struggle to fit grabbing your morning coffee into the hustle and bustle of your pre-work rush? Well, Elementary Coffee is here to help.

Elementary Coffee is now in the Adelaide Railway Station, transforming an old bakery space into a coffee station, offering a grab-and-go service for customers in a hurry.

Business Director Brad Nixon describes the venue as the perfect pit stop for office workers looking to grab a quick caffeine fix on their morning commute.

Brad highlights the ethically sourced nature of their specialty coffee, which is self-roasted in Elementary’s own coffee roastery in Brompton.

Former Aroma chef Caleb Theatre is also on board for the new project, cooking up a tantalising assortment of gourmet sandwiches using locally sourced Australian ingredients.

Self-described as “elegant comfort food”, Elementary Station’s sandwich delicacies include slow cooked wild boar with red cabbage slaw and house made hot sauce, BBQ seared kangaroo loin with black garlic, feta and greens, and eucalyptus smoked pumpkin with buffalo curd and Tasmanian mountain pepper.

Brad envisions the new coffee venture as an easy, speed-focused option for city workers to integrate into their daily routines, whether they’re after a gourmet snack or a quality brew.

You can find the Elementary Coffee at the Adelaide Railway Station.

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