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New Chicken Salt & Meat Pie Flavour Pringles – Yeah, Nah?

Behold… the new true blue Aussie chip flavours.

Earlier this week Pringles decided to do God’s work and introduce  two brand new flavours to their already deliciously addictive selection. The Aussie Favourites range now includes ‘Meat Pie’ and ‘Chicken Salt’ flavours.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise. These guys are no strangers to releasing oddball flavours. From dessert Pringles like Salted Caramel and Chocolate Pudding to flavours like Crab, Eggs Benedict, Mushroom Soup and Mustard Nugget Sauce, dawning shelves all over the world. It makes sense, we get some of our most iconic Aussie food favourites chip-ified.

What next? Lamington Pringles? Fairy Bread Pringles?

You can pick up a can of Meat Pie or Chicken Salt Pringles right bloody now at selected Woolworths and IGA stores.

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