Discover sustainable style at Strathalbyn’s new circular fashion boutique

A new eco-friendly boutique, Ciclo, has recently opened its doors in Strathalbyn for those passionate about eco-friendly fashion.

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Fashion that won’t cost the earth has made its way to one of SA’s country towns, with a new eco-friendly boutique, Ciclo, recently opening its doors in Strathalbyn, just a scenic hour’s drive from Adelaide.

The new store brings a fresh approach to dressing consciously to the town, in the hope that Strathalbyn will blossom into a hub for those passionate about eco-friendly fashion.

Ciclo proudly showcases brands like Miann & Co, Bimby & Roy, Pinky & Kamal, Rolla’s, and All Fenix, among others. Customers can also explore their curated ‘circular’ collection which features labels such as Camilla and Marc, Aje, Auguste, Lululemon, Country Road, and more.

For children, the boutique aims to provide quality, eco-friendly clothing, that’s not only trendy but is also timeless, ensuring that pieces can be passed down through generations. 

Besides clothing, Ciclo offers a selection of unique homewares and jewellery, making it the perfect destination for the stylish and eco-conscious shopper.

Image credit: Meaghan Coles Photography

The boutique’s name Ciclo, meaning ‘cycle’ in Italian perfectly showcases its mission to promote circular fashion.

Founder Brittany Vaninetti imagined a space where both new and preloved clothing could be sold under one roof, creating a circular economy within the local community.

She wanted to give Strathalbyn residents the opportunity to access eco-friendly wardrobe essentials without them having to leave their hometown.

“We wanted to create a hub for circular fashion in our beautiful country town, while also offering locals the opportunity to buy quality wardrobe staples where they live,” Brittany Vaninetti, the founder of Ciclo, said.

“We’ve been blown away by the response both in-store and online since opening our doors.

“This boutique has been a dream that’s bubbled away in my mind for years because I’ve always thought, wouldn’t it be great to be able to buy and try on high-quality apparel locally without having to drive to Adelaide or take your chances online?”

Image credit: Meaghan Coles Photography

The boutique offers a unique buyback system that encourages customers to return their worn Ciclo garments for a store credit, supporting the re-selling process, and continuing the lifespan of each item.

“I also wanted to do my bit to address fast fashion and the cycle of buy-and-toss that has become all too common in our consumer culture,” Brittany said.

“We want to educate our customers to make more conscious choices, promoting a ‘choose well and re-sell’ ethos so that garments can be worn longer, re-used and re-circulated for as long as possible.

“I get so much joy when I see shoppers come through the doors. They’ve chosen to shop quality, sustainable brands or from someone else’s wardrobe instead of choosing fast fashion, and that to me is a win.”

So, why not go for a weekend road trip to visit Ciclo in Strathalbyn? Not only will you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in an eco-friendly fashion experience, but you’ll also have the chance to discover one of South Australia’s most beautiful country towns.

What: Ciclo boutique
Where: 6/4 Donald Street, Strathalbyn
When: Open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
For more information, click here.

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