New coastal boutique Neighbourhood Threads a haven for sustainable style

Neighbourhood Threads is selling pre-loved clothing by the seaside in Grange, a treasure trove for fashion enthusiasts.

Pre-loved boutique Neighbourhood Threads is a treasure trove for fashion enthusiasts, offering a twist to traditional thrift shopping in the coastal suburb of Grange.

More than just a boutique, the seaside store is co-owned by Alinta Ambrose and Scarlett Parker and is a community hub where the fashion-conscious can recycle their wardrobes, discover timeless pieces, and connect with like-minded individuals.

“We thought there was a bit of a gap at Grange at the moment and in the area we’re in for something like this, so hopefully it will complement the area- and we like shopping as well, so it’s been fun,” Alinta says.

“It’s a pre-loved store, but we wanted it to be a bit different where it’s not so much a big wardrobe clear-out, but rather a sale of clothes you still love which are timeless and currently in style, but you know you won’t wear again.”

“It’s clothes that are still in really good condition and have value; lots of people seem to have lots of clothes they aren’t wearing and want to sell.”

“I also think many people are feeling the pinch, and it’s nice to still buy clothes that are nice but at lower prices.”

People can sell up to 10 items at a time for a $25 booking and handling fee. The store takes a 25% commission, while the seller keeps the rest. At the end of the seller’s sale period, they have the option to put any clothes that haven’t sold onto a discount rack.

“We feel with this concept it encourages you to bring in clothing that is good quality, and if it doesn’t sell, you can just get it back, but you haven’t paid a huge fee to get it in the store. Whereas if you’re hiring a rack, sometimes you’re paying a big fee to do so. We don’t want people to be losing money by putting things in our shop,” Alinta says.

“We hang and style the store ourselves, so instead of everyone having their own rack, we group and style things together rather than people hunting through racks.”

“There’s a community element as well because the people who are selling their clothing are also making money back, which is circulating around as the clothing and funds are going back into your community because it goes back to people who live and shop nearby.”

The store has beautiful clothing labels coming through including Spell, Runway Scout, Bec and Bridge, Aje, and Kavari, and receives 100 new items from 10 different sellers every Thursday, so there’s always something fresh and exciting in store. You might even find brand-new clothing with tags still on.

Neighbourhood Threads also shares its space with two micro businesses: skincare brand Fae and Wilding, and Sadie Haze, stocking beach wear, home decor and beach bags.

Alinta envisions Neighbourhood Threads as a mum-friendly workplace, promoting flexibility for micro-business owners and providing a platform for them to take the next step in their ventures without the commitment of a standalone store.

She says the store is a welcoming space for everyone, and customers are invited to bring their kiddos along.

“We just want to present ourselves as a friendly place to shop. Lots of us are working mums and a big passion of mine is to make people feel comfortable and offer support for staff as working mums,” she says.

“We want customers to feel comfortable to come into the store; even if they’re not buying anything, we want them to feel comfortable to come in for a chat as it is a nice place to visit. If you do find something, that’s great, but if not, there are new items in every Thursday.”

Looking ahead, Alinta says the store aims to host after-hours events so those with busy schedules or parenting duties during the day can get their second-hand shop on.

WHAT: Neighbourhood Threads.
WHERE: 588 Seaview Rd, Grange SA, 5022.
WHEN: Monday to Wednesday 10am-3pm, Thursday 10am-9pm, Friday 8am-3pm, Saturday 8am-2pm.

To find out more, visit Neighbourhood Threads on Instagram and click their link in bio.

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