New coffee shop Johnny Come Lately opens in Pirie Street

A new coffee shop with freshly baked artisan breads has popped up in Adelaide’s CBD.

Picture credit: Johnny Come Lately

Tucked away in Exchange Place, just off Pirie Street, lies a brand new cafe stocked with fresh baked goods and some of the finest Australian roasted coffee called Johnny Come Lately.

Created by Joseph and Sonya Panuccio, the cozy coffee shop pays to both Italy and proudly displaying their selection of Melbourne roasted coffee ST. ALi. as well as respectable range of focaccia options, banana bread and crumpets.

Joesph’s passion for coffee began almost 20 years ago, after he picked up a part time job to help him earn a bit of extra cash back in his uni days.

“I started off in 2005, working for Cibo in Rundle Mall when I was studying at uni,” Joesph said.

“Once I graduated I took a break but not before long I started to get that urge back.

“That prompted me to start a coffee cart business and that was fantastic.”

But it was late last year, Joesph and his wife Sonya – who also owns Sonyarella Artisan Baker – struck up the idea to find a permanent spot in Adelaide’s CBD.

“We walked through the city looking for lease options one and came across this Pirie street site, before we knew it we signed the lease,” he said.

Opened since 2020 Sonyarella, showcases a mouthwatering display of sourdough and crumpets including a fig and fennel seed loaf and a dark chocolate and cranberry loaf. Literally sign me up for that.

“That whole side is going really well, she does all sour dough breads, banana breads, it’s really nice to be able to have fresh products like that for our customers,” Joesph said.

Now with a week of the new business under their belt, the Johnny Come Lately team of 5 are starting to breathe a sigh of relief after finding their groove.

“A few sleepless nights, we were both pretty nervous but it has been really great,” Joesph said.

“We expected that given the amount of coffee and food that we would need extra hands straight away and that has worked out really well.

“We’ve got a lot of friends and family who have come to support us as well as the local foot traffic of the CBD. Everyone has really embraced it and we’re getting busier each day.”

While the cafe is open for those looking to kick start their day, indulging in a quick break or catching up with friends, it’s the afternoons that where the venue will really shine.

“Our vision for the day is to have a coffee and a focaccia but come the afternoon and night we would like to push the wine and artisan goods.

“Sonya’s products are all naturally fermented with no additives so with the wine range that we’ve put in was to try and keep that same theme.

“Coming into fringe season as well, I’ve been thinking about doing hosting a live music with prosecco, I think that could be really fun.”

What: Johnny Come Lately Coffee Shop
Where: 1G1.1 12 Pirie St, Adelaide
When: Open Mon-Fri 7am to 2.30pm
For further info, click here.

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