New Columbian Cafe KOM Coffee Launches

New Colombian Cafe KOM Coffee Launches

This new cafe is fast becoming a cyclist destination and their new menu launches this weekend which looks amazing.


The cyclist-friendly KOM Coffee is fast turning into a cult favourite among locals near its base in midpoint of Anzac Highway. Known not only for accommodating cyclists, but for fantastic coffee and authentic Colombian food options.

Colombian co-owners Daniel and Carlos are quick to point out that whilst Colombia is famous for its coffee the country has a huge passion for cycling. Carlos says due to being able to practice on the mountains in Colombia, his countrymen are known as “kings of the mountains” and do very well in the climbing stages of the Tour de France. Carlos himself is a big cyclist and observes that “cyclists demand quality with their bikes and also are looking for quality coffee.” To emphasise the cycling theme, there is a fantastic cyclist mural on the city facing wall, by artists Sam Brooks and a mounted cycle structure inside the cafe.

Whilst the cafe boasts an impressive espresso machine with an almost steampunk aesthetic – think transparent front – the owners are very keen to talk up the more authentically Colombian culture of coffee production. This typically involves a filter and a manual aeropress. Daniel says they use Colombian Arabica coffee which can only grow at a specific altitude (i.e. mountains of Colombia). He says different coffee from different farms have different flavours. They use a specific brand called Colombian Connection which has a range of boutique bean varietals under their brand, all of which are available for sale at the cafe as well. The coffee actually changes from year to year, like wine, due to climatic changes.

Carlos enthusiastically talked us through the aeropress coffee process, the correct temperature and the process of extracting the liquid through the press. The flavour of the aeropress coffee was well balanced, without the intensity of an espresso, yet lacking the watered down consistency of many long blacks. We were sold on the smooth, subtle and well-rounded blend, which was made from just 16 grams of coffee, allowing for just the right amount of strength without too much residual bitterness. The very easily drinkable aeropress coffee he made for us used the El Traesto beans, apparently very popular in the US. For espresso coffee the crew are going with Korgi Organic this month, grown in the La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

In fact, this weekend sees the cafe launch their new menu which will feature Colombian style tapas with empanandas, mushroom and haloumi with plenty of arepas – cornmeal, kassava or sweet corn flat breads, like a cross between tortilla and bread. The breakfast menu revolves around Arepa pastries made from maize dough and the South American style eggs with guacamole or salsa. We sampled a delectable pulled beef empanada with a delightful pickle sauce and will definitely be coming back for more.

While the cafe will definitely suit cyclist heading into town from the bay, the quality of the coffee, particularly the aeropress, and the knowledge of the baristas make this an essential stop over for any Adelaide coffee lover.

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