New cosy book cafe The Nook opens in Adelaide’s west

A new cute and cosy book cafe has opened in Welland Plaza. Customers can read while enjoying a warm cup of coffee and grabbing a bite to eat.

A new cute and cosy book cafe has opened in Welland Plaza, and it’s the perfect sanctuary for those seeking refuge in the pages of a good book.

Customers can either browse from the bookshelf in store, or bring their own favourite novel to read, while enjoying a warm cup of coffee and grabbing a bite to eat.

“It’s a place where you can form new connections and new friendships over books,” Owner of The Nook Deb Rao says.

“I wanted somewhere where you could meet someone reading a science fiction book, or someone reading poetry, somewhere that is inclusive for all.”

Deb Rao couldn’t find a cafe style place in Adelaide where she was able to comfortably read undisturbed, and wanted to create a welcoming space for the community to enjoy.

Whether it’s books, magazines, or any other form of literature, The Nook is a space where people can relax, unwind, and immerse themselves in whatever form of reading brings them joy.

Half of the books in store are from Deb’s own personal collection, and the rest have been donated. The idea is to come in, take a book from the shelf and leave it behind, but readers can take the book home if they really can’t put it down.

“One lady last week donated the entire Stephen King collection, so the idea is if you take a book, you replace it with one that you don’t want anymore, so there is a constant cycle,” Deb says.

Deb and her husband are both chefs, so you can expect the food in store to be delicious, and for your reading experience to be even more delightful.

Serving up breakfast and brunch dishes like avocado and burrata toast, Biscoff pancakes and tiramisu french toast, they also have a cabinet with quick and easy lunch options like sandwiches, toasties, scones and muffins. Plus, their two talented baristas will be serving up coffee all day.

The Nook has some exciting things coming up this year that Adelaide bookworms should keep an eye-out for. The team is looking to arrange regular book club meets starting in May, and are hoping to host author sessions where writers will be able to meet and connect with their readers.

The Nook is certainly one for Adelaide bookworms, writers, and coffee enthusiasts alike to check out.

What: The Nook book cafe
Where: Shop 10, Welland Plaza | 522 Port Rd, Welland, SA 5007
When: Monday to Saturday: 8am-4pm | Sunday: 9am-4pm
Instagram: @thenookcafeadelaide
For more information (including all-day dining menu):

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