New Cuban-Themed Pop-Up Bar Coming Soon To Adelaide

Balmy summer nights can be embraced this February, as Mr Goodbar celebrates their second birthday with Club Cubano. Think sexy Latino percussions, Cuban cocktails and delicious South-American-inspired tapas.


A new Cuban-themed pop-up bar is coming to Adelaide this February and we could not be more excited to get you up to date with the all of the details. Think balmy summer nights, sexy Latino percussions, Cuban cocktails and delicious South-American-inspired tapas. All the while celebrating the second birthday of Mr Goodbar. Yes, please!

From February 10th to March 18th, you can prepare to be transported to the positively intoxicating streets of Havana, as Mr Goodbar celebrate their birthday with their new Cuban-themed pop-up bar, Club Cubano. It truly looks set to be all you dream of and more.

Having recently visited Cuba, Mr. Goodbar owner Goran Dedic, fell in love with the colours, culture and food of this popular Caribbean Island. Hoping to give Adelaide a taste of the country’s eternal summers, nostalgic bays, endless white beaches and funky beats, you can expect nothing less than pure summer magic the whole time through.

Coinciding with the Adelaide Fringe, Club Cubano will also double as an official Fringe venue. Set in the perfect location for all of your Fringe-wandering, Mr Goodbar slides effortlessly into the iconic East End Produce Market archway over Ebenezer Place.

Offering the cocktail masterclass ‘Mr. Goodbar’s Guide to Good Drinking’ throughout the Fringe festival, you’ll learn to shake, muddle and stir your way through five different cocktails, mastering the techniques and discovering the science behind a good drink along the way. Be sure to get your tickets here.

So why not celebrate our gorgeous summer evenings in this exciting new Cuban pop-up bar, as you dance and drink the night away with Latino percussions and Cuban Cocktails. There really is no better way to embrace our warm weather and amazing bars.

Mr. Goodbar
12 Union St, Adelaide

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