New DeLonghi Multifry – Discover An Appetite For Everyday Cooking

DéLonghi has launched the Multifry Classic, an innovative cooking appliance that combines the benefits of a low-oil fryer and a multi cooker.


DeLonghi Multifry FH1163Australia is a nation of foodies inspired by a fusion of different cuisines that can sometimes be complicated and tricky to master. To make cooking as simple as 1, 2, 3, DéLonghi has launched the Multifry Classic, an innovative cooking appliance that combines the benefits of a low-oil fryer and a multi cooker.

The Multifry Classic enables busy cooks to save time in the kitchen by producing an exciting variety of dishes – from risottos and cakes to hot chips and pizza – all with exceptional taste and minimal fuss. Eliminating the need to buy expensive appliances and cook with multiple pots, pans and dishes, the Multifry saves money and hours of washing up. With the ability to produce over 250 recipes, the Multifry Classic promises to shake up routine meal preparation by bringing a world of cuisines to the user’s fingertips.

DéLonghi’s exclusive Surround Heating System (SHS) technology surrounds the food with uniform heat, making the Multifry Classic the most advanced low-oil cooking appliance available.

An upper heating element and fan delivers centralised heat distribution resulting in more rapid frying performance and preventing food from drying. While a lower heating element, unique to the low-oil fryer market, delivers heat from the bottom achieving exceptional cooking performance for a wider variety of recipes.

A removable mixing paddle gently mixes ingredients throughout the cooking process so there’s no need to manually stir ingredients for dishes such as risottos, stews and ratatouille. The paddle is easily removed, giving Multifry the flexibility to create pizzas, pies, cakes and quiches.

The upper and lower independent heating elements can be operated separately or simultaneously, with or without the mixing paddle, allowing the user to adjust the cooking process according to each recipe requirement.

Sure to be a hit with the whole family, the Multifry Classic creates fresh, crispy fries using just 14mL of oil, in only 27 minutes. This process puts a healthier spin on home-made fries with only 2.8 per cent fat per 1kg of fresh potatoes. It also quickly cooks ready-made fries without the addition of any oil.

To support the launch of Multifry, DéLonghi has developed 250 delicious and simple recipes which are available online and through a dedicated app. Beautifully presented and innovative to use, the DéLonghi Recipe Book app allows the user to search recipes by course, by main ingredient and by more specific requirements. It also includes product information, instruction manual and maintenance tips to ensure users get the most out of their Multifry Classic.

Product specifications:

  • Upper heating element: 1400 Watt
  • Lower heating element: 200 Watt
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Automatic stirring process
  • Completely transparent lid
  • Removable timer
  • Max food capacity: 1.5 kg (fresh potatoes)
  • Non-Stick ceramic coating bowl
  • Easy to clean – lid, paddle and bowl are dishwasher safe

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