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Dessert cafe Love, Stephy is a pink haven with to die for macarons

If you happen to be walking down Hindley Street, you’ll likely double take when you come across Love, Stephy, and the blazing pink that covers the dessert cafe.

The West End’s revitalisation has been hitting the mark with new ventures popping up faster than we can keep track.

If you happen to be walking down Hindley Street, you’ll likely double take when you come across Love, Stephy. At first the new cafe almost shocks the retinas with the blazing pink that covers every inch and surface of the dessert cafe. But this doesn’t mean that the fit-out isn’t on point or in any way tacky.

Owners Stephanie and Harry tell me that Love, Stephy has been close to two years in the making and it’s evident in the detail and care pressed into the walls and features.

Love, Stephy’s ceiling

With light streaming through windows, Love, Stephy does give the same ethereal and romantic impression from namesake, 2014 film Love, Rosie.

From the delightful hanging chairs, to the plush pink seats and an inventive ceiling, Love, Stephy’s identity is on full display.

The duo settled in Adelaide from Brisbane but they also came with history in hospitality. Despite the couple seeming incredibly young to be starting their own restaurant, there’s a clear vision for their venture that has been enacted to perfection.

Implementing three pastry chefs who work all hours to produce a delicious range of house made treats while Stephanie and Harry work coffees and floor.

Their menu isn’t set in stone while their soft launch is in progress as they get input from their visitors but it’s safe to say that their macarons are going to be a staple.

Insanely soft, melt in your mouth bites. They’re served at room temperature (which is the best way to eat them) and come in a range of interesting flavours like lavender & kalamansi and mixed berries & cardamon.

The long term plan is to cultivate their place as a Hindley Street cafe and plated dessert venue (at nights) and launch a series of high teas. Indeed their venue is perfect for high teas with their focus on comfortable group seating and cosy atmosphere.

Love, Stephy can be found at Shop 3/62-68 Hindley Street, Adelaide.

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