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NEW EATERY: Dessert Fries Are On The Menu

The Chocolate Chippery is the brainchild of Nasim Said and his wife Natasha. Dessert fry flavours include Oreo, Fairy Floss, Cherry Ripe, Tim Tam, and MORE.

Images by Vueey Le.

Dessert fries. Dessert. Fries. It sounds good to be true, but I’m here to tell you that isn’t the case, and we have proof. The Chocolate Chippery is the brainchild of Nasim Said and his wife Natasha. The new eatery can be found in Dernancourt, alongside gourmet chicken shop, The Stuffed Chook (also headed by the Saids).

“We didn’t picture ourselves buying a chicken shop at first,” says Nasim Said. “My wife was a 2IC at Cibo Norwood and Cibo Prospect for a few years, and my family have had several different shops, so we just thought we’d give it a go.” 

And give it a go they have. 

The Stuffed Chook has been running steadily, and with The Chocolate Chippery soon to trade in the same store, punters will be able to grab both savoury and sweet from the shop.

In terms of the dessert fries, the idea was first discussed when the Saids were on their honeymoon in Italy in December, and it stuck. 

“We mix the chips with cinnamon sugar and coat with different ingredients,” says Nasim.

He’s shown me the menu, and bloody hell, it’s the stuff of dreams. Below is a sneak peek:

The Original
Sweet cinnamon fries layered with fresh strawberries, biscuit crumble and a generous drizzle of chocolate sauce, topped with white chocolate buttons.

Oreo Supreme
Sweet cinnamon fries, white chocolate sauce, Oreo crumble, chocolate sauce and white chocolate buttons.

The Wagon Wheel
Sweet cinnamon fries, drizzled with a berry sauce, biscuit crumble, delicious marsh-mellows and chocolate sauce.

There’s also the option to build your own. Yep. The Chocolate Chippery is your oyster (or your fries … you get my point). 

The Chocolate Chippery is tentatively set to open this Sunday. Nasim tells me he’s had a hoard of family members and friends in to try the dessert fries already and everyone is pretty damn happy. 

The dessert fries will also be available on UberEats, the ideal order for a Saturday night in. 

Nasim also hints at what is essentially a ‘deep fried fairy bread’ dish (yes, my ten-year-old-self is screaming with joy). 

You can find The Chocolate Chippery at 840 Lower North East Road, Dernancourt, 5075.

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