New electric car charging station in Adelaide CBD

CMI Toyota PriusAdelaide City Council has officially opened the first electric car charging station at Grote Street UPark.

The Council supported the idea for charging stations in September last year, and the ‘green power’ parks are now ready to spark a revolution in sustainable transport in the City.

Having seen the success of Tindo, the electric bus powered by the solar panels on top of Grote Street UPark, City commuter Bruce White approached Adelaide City Council to suggest a charging station might be added to the City streets.

Lord Mayor Michael Harbison said that if the infrastructure were in place, demand for electric cars would grow. “With these new charging points, we’re encouraging residents and City commuters to take a fresh look at their travel options, and show how solar power can have a real and practical application in the City. If there are more places to charge electric cars, more people will buy them, and buy into a greener form of transport”.

Presently, electric car owners pay only the normal car parking charges and the recharge electricity is provided without charge, explained the Lord Mayor.

Toyota’s  Prius Hybrid is proving popular with motorists and other vehicle manufacturers have plans to follow suit and introduce an extensive range of pure electric and plug-in hybrid cars by the end of 2012.

For more information on the Toyota Prius visit the Toyota  website.

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