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New ‘Friendz’ Join The Menz Family

Local favourites Robern Menz introduces new ‘Friendz’ and Mango JeliChocs just in time for summer!

It’s almost party season! Which can only mean one thing, more and more sweets for us! Luckily the sugar gods over at Robern Menz, have expanded their already delightful confectionery range by welcoming some new Friendz to the mix!

The new Menz Friendz range is inspired by childhood lollies we all know and love, and is available in the perfect party trio of snakes, bananas and milk bottles. What’s more, they’re gluten free and contain no artificial flavours or colours (sign us up!!!).

Earlier this year, Robern Menz worked to ensure their factory no longer contained any trace of gluten in any product or machinery used within their factory so that all products produced, including the popular FruChocs range, Choc Honeycomb and Crown Mints, were all very friendly for our gluten intolerant friends.

Robern Menz Marketing Manager, Polly Love, is excited to add Menz Friendz to their extensive range of more than 100 products.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to expand our product listing to include those childhood favourite lollies that have been passed down for generations, and have them in the form of our gluten free Friendz range” said Polly.

The new Friendz range is available at Big W stores nationally as well as IGA, Foodland, Drakes and Cheap as Chips in South Australia.

Robern Menz has also expanded its beloved Menz JeliChocs range from Turkish Delight and Raspberry to the newly introduced Mango flavour, so you can now enjoy a delicious gluten free tropical jellied fruit smothered in chocolate.

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