New Gin Makers, Happenstance Distillery, Are Filling A Gap In The Market

This new Thebarton distillery is focused on making a universal gin.


All images by Peter Steinborner

Crafted out of an industrial shed in Thebarton, Happenstance Distillery is delivering a universal gin, both in design and flavour.

Away from the masculine trend of gins as of late, the crafter’s signature gin offers traditional notes of citrus and juniper with a unique twist being lemon myrtle and strawberry gum.

It’s a product of two gin-loving friends – now experts. Mei Lin and Tim have strived to make their gin different in comparison to their to their western- area peers in the industry.

Every ingredient is handpicked, passed through their alembic copper still and each bottle is personally labelled by the dynamic duo. It’s produced a signature gin that stands out from an already competitive market.

Mei Lin and Tim are keeping pace with new creations already on the way. A winter-style gin is on the move and we’re told to stay tuned for a limited edition sour cherry liquor.

Right now, Happenstance is sat firmly between a recording studio and the heritage Thebarton Incinerator. It’s a tiny, but eclectic distillery which is both unique in location and taste.

While there is no cellar door as of yet, it’s early days and we will be following their growth closely for a sneak peek inside.

For more info on Happenstance Distillery and to purchase their gin click here.

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