New Instagram Page Designed To Help Aussie Businesses Rebuild After The Bushfires

Australian icon, Turia Pitt, has launched an Instagram page to help sustain the profits of the small businesses affected by the fires.

There’s no doubt that the recent and ongoing bushfires will impact our country for the foreseeable future.

Amongst those affected are countless small, independent businesses, many of which heavily rely on tourism to survive.

In an attempt to help these businesses, renowned bushfire survivor, Turia Pitt, and her Marketing & Content Manager, Grace McBride, have created ‘Spend With Them’, an Instagram page solely for promoting businesses impacted by the fires.


If your business is in a fire-affected town and urgently needs help, you can send @spendwiththem a direct message with images of your product, to be featured on the page.

In an Instagram post, Turia states, “[Spend With Them] is a place to feature businesses in fire-affected towns … spend your money with the people and the communities who really, truly need it. They need you. We need you”.  

Since the page launched, it has gained 91.3k followers and counting, reflecting the extensive support the cause is gaining.

South Australian business Vinteloper has already been featured, with the winery having been severely impacted by the December fires.


On the social platform, Turia states how the page is a way of putting money “directly into the pockets” of the people and communities who need it most and need it now.  

To see all of the businesses featured on the page and the variety of products you can purchase, visit @spendwiththem Instagram page.

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