New Italian Wine Bar Opening In Kent Town

Kent Town is welcoming a new Italian wine bar from a local fave!


Kent Town is welcoming a new Italian wine bar from local fave Frizzo Cafe. Most of the locals already know and love Frizzo, heading in for the great food, delicious coffee, but now they’re expanding and bringing us WINE!

The word Frizzo is Italian for ‘quips’, ‘wisecrack’ or ‘witticism’, which embodies the owners desire to provide an oasis from the hum-drum of daily life where their customers can enjoy fine coffee, wine, and food in an ambiance of free-flowing fun conversation.With the opening of their wine bar soon, the team behind Frizzo are also excited to host regular evening comedy nights and musician entertainment, so you can enjoy dinner, wine and a show! Does it get any better than that?

Follow Frizzo on Facebook or Instagram for regular updates on who is performing and when at the Cafe & Wine Bar or pop in for a delicious meal and have a chat to the friendly staff!

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