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Japanese fine dining comes to Adelaide’s east with Yuki in Burnside

New restaurant Yuki in Burnside brings authentic Japanese fine dining to Adelaide’s East with an 8-course set menu including wasabi ice-cream.

Image credit: Jon Wah

New restaurant Yuki in Burnside brings authentic Japanese fine dining to Adelaide’s East.

Located on Port Rush Road, Yuki in Burnside is offering a unique experience raising the bar of Japanese fine dining in Adelaide.

Yuki in Burnside is the sister restaurant of Yuki in The Hills at Aldgate, and according to owner Mike Oh, the new Yuki in Burnside will bring a very different experience.

“My restaurant in the hills is more casual where we offer sushi and ramen,” Mike said.

“With the new venue, I wanted to bring more authentic and traditional cuisine to the people in Adelaide.

“The venue looks like you’re in japan – we tried to replicate the vibe of Japan with timber wood and there’s also a sushi bar counter where you can see how the chef prepares and presents to food.”

With the soft opening Yuki in Burnside will be offering a set 8-course menu called Omakase. In Japanese, this means ‘leave it up to the chef’.

Chef Haombo Yohei – who has come from Melbourne’s restaurant Ishizuka – plates up elegant dishes from based from seasonal ingredients. The menu changes monthly and is coordinated with the what the chef sources.

There’s the standard 8-course Omakase menu for $98 per person, while there’s the Platinum menu on offer too for $128. There is a $30 Omakase option for kids to enjoy as well. The menu features a range of dishes to take you on a journey of authentic Japanese fine dining cuisine.

“Currently we have a fresh house-made tofu as starter a range of different appetisers including duck breast and prawn.

“There’s also sushi, sashimi, wagyu beef from Japan and black cod with pickled vegetables.

“We also have house-made wasabi ice-cream for dessert which is something really different – there’s nothing like that in Adelaide.”

The Platinum menu includes the full Omakase menu as well as additional dishes being tuna belly toro from Japan and uni which is fresh sea urchin from Tasmania.

Mike said they will be expanding the menu next year with more offerings and longer opening times. He hopes to bring a unique dining experience for the people of Adelaide to enjoy.

“I want people to experience real Japanese traditional dining right in Adelaide.”

Yuki in Burnside is located at 548 Portrush Road, Glen Osmond.

You can follow Yuki on Facebook and Instagram.

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