New Jersey Burger Bar serves up massive schnitzels & stacked burgers

Salisbury’s New Jersey Burger bar serves up their namesake burgers, as well as a range of crazy schnitzels, pizzas, and loaded fries.

Photos: New Jersey Burger Bar.

New Jersey Burger Bar is bringing calorific American meals to South Australia. 

The Salisbury spot serves up their namesake burgers, as well as a range of crazy schnitzels and loaded fries. 

For burgers, the New Jersey Burger Bar offers beef burgers such as the the double decker “King Crown”––which has two patties, crispy bacon, an egg, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese, and chips––and chicken burgers, such as the “Big Ass Chicken,” which has a fried egg, chicken schnitzel patty, fried bacon, mixed leaves, and avocado fetta mash, and chips.

For schnitzels, they have whopping 1kg chicken schnitties with a range of toppings. The schnitzels are all homemade from chicken breast, and are topped with just about anything, with popular options including pepperoni and mushroom, BLT, and sweet chilli. The restaurant also has a variety of other dishes such as the twister pizza, a pizza topped with curly fries and lots of sauce.

Owner Salam Mian, who also owns the Pizza Republic in Salisbury, says the venue is known for their mammoth meals. 

“Any customer who walks into our premise never finishes their food,” he says. 

“The size of our food means customers will get good value for their money.”

The restaurant, which opened in 2019, has seating for up to 120 people who want to get their hands on some American grub. Mian says the restaurant’s U.S. inspiration comes from his many years as a chef. 

“I’m a chef, so I’ve done a lot of cooking and know how important it is to do something different,” he says. 

“Our burgers are unlike anything else around here.”

Find the New Jersey Burger Bar at 2/23 Park Terrace, Salisbury. 

Find them online here.

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