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New Jerusalem Serves African Fusion Cuisine On Kensington Road

Making its home on Kensington Road is New Jerusalem, the joint endeavour by Monica and Daniel, who were last known for running a medical practice in Kimba.

Open for a mere few months and already garnering amazing reviews is new African cuisine restaurant, New Jerusalem.

Making its home on Kensington Road is the joint endeavour by Monica and Daniel Claughton, who were last known for running a medical practice in Kimba, in the Eyre Peninsula. 

Chef, Monica has been cooking from a very young age and she knows the discipline that comes with producing food thats perfect. A vigour that’s been passed down from a mother that used to sell food on the streets.

They might not have any substantial experience in running a restaurant but what they have going for them, as according to Daniel, is that when Monica is in the kitchen, recipes just seem to come together like magic. With Daniel in the front of house, the duo seem to be impressing everyone with the quality of the food and the ambience of New Jerusalem.

While the original plan was just to start a takeaway joint, visits to farms changed that idea very quickly.

Sourcing meats from Wakefield Grange in the Fleurieu Peninsula and the Adelaide Hills, the menu offers a wide range of African fusion cuisine altering classic African meals like Osso-Bucco and Sukuma Wiki all sourced from local produce.

The Sukuma Wiki, a dish in the North African region of Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan that is often associated with pushing the week out till pay day. Instead with the addition of beef, Monica has succeeded in elevating an authentic day to day dish to fine dining.

While running the practice was gratifying work to Monica and Daniel, it didn’t give them enough time to pursue their other passion which is the formation and running of an orphanage in Aweil, South Sudan, the city where Monica was born.

When Monica and Daniel visited South Sudan last year, they realised that they simply couldn’t turn their back to the children left abandoned by war and thus the idea of New Jerusalem was born.

That’s where the name came from. For Monica and Daniel, New Jerusalem is where you find piety, belonging and nothing can hurt you. They want to create a community. Not only for visitors but as a reminder for the kids that a family exists for them across the seas. 

Where: 370b Kensington Rd, Erindale, SA 5066
Open: Mon, Tues-Sat from 6pm to 10 pm.
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