New Lucid Music Festival coming soon to Port Lincoln’s beachfront

Lucid Music Festival will have a line-up of seven DJs, copious drinks, and an oceanfront location.

It’s time to dance, Port Lincoln. 

Hotel Boston and Laidback Entertainment are hosting the first-ever Lucid Music Festival on April 23rd. The festival will have a line-up of seven DJs, copious drinks, and an oceanfront location. 

The festival will feature DJs BROOKLYN––who is known for her dance moves and stage performance––and hyped up group Mashd and Kutcher, both of which are Queensland-based. The headliners will be joined by Checkers, Willo, D’Arcy Porter, Axel Rose and Hipper. 

Lucid Music Festival will take place on Port Lincoln’s beachfront at Hotel Boston, so guests can take in waterfront views while they party. 

The festival promises lots of beer and dancing at the event. Guests can boogie, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, dancing will be restricted to certain areas. 

“This event is following SA health guidelines allowing patrons to dance, drink and party with their friends in zones of up to 200 people,” the event says. 

“Please plan ahead and book with your group to ensure you’re in the same section as your friends.”

The tickets are reportedly selling out fast, so be sure to book ASAP to secure your spot.  

Book a ticket here or find out more information.

Find Hotel Boston at 19-21 King Street, Port Lincoln.

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