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New mens-hub KJ Barbers blurs the line of barbershop & luxury salon

With the shift in standards of conceptions around men’s self-care, KJ Barbers is leading the way with their newest man-hub.

The modern day guy needs a modern day barber, it’s only fitting in a world that’s ever changing. With the shift in standards of conceptions around men’s self-care, KJ Barbers is leading the way with their newest man-hub.

KJ Barbers owner, Josh Vas, created the space specifically for men of all ages – including the young ones – offering a self-care hub with men’s beauty treatments and house-brand skin and hair care formulated with client and environment in mind, available to take home to continue your ritual.

“It’s a place for all men to come and treat themselves, not just for a haircut, but to relax in a welcoming space and enjoy some self-care,” says Josh.

With a vision of customer’s needs becoming a priority, the North Plympton barbershop takes that one step further with their premium experience and a menu of drinks to quench your palate while experiencing true luxury.

“Upon entrance, clients enjoy a sparkling water with an embossed leather service menu. It’s a true royalty experience without the harsh price tag,” says Josh.

Clients can expect to enjoy a caffe latte as they let the barbers do their work, or an alcoholic option for adults – with local gin, beer, and espresso martinis on tap from Soho Coffee Roasters also on the menu.

Josh says these extra touches were just part of providing the ultimate experience and offering an indulgent space where every client leaves feeling well looked after.

“What we set out to do here is to give our customers a modern, feelgood experience,” says Josh.

“Going to a barber has traditionally been a luxury experience for many men, so we wanted to provide a premium version of that, while still being affordable. And now more than ever, men are in tune with grooming.

“Our fully-trained team is ready to create a norm of going in to get a haircut with a treatment package.”

Treatments at KJ Barbers go further than just a snip of the hair and trim of the beard, though cuts and shaves are still at the core of what they do with a roster of professionally trained and industry reputable barbers on deck.

Their entry-level ‘Everyday Gentleman’ package includes a cut and shave but also a facial, eye mask and facial waxing.

KJ Barbers are true to their word when they say the shop is a place for all ages, with experiences starting as early as desired – for those wanting to make their child’s first cut a special one, KJ Barbers offers a First Cut certificate with a keepsake lock of hair.

KJ Barbers is now open at Shop 2/44-52 Hawson Avenue, North Plympton, and to celebrate, they are running a competition from Monday 9th August through to Tuesday, 14th September with an epic prize valued at $3,500.

To enter the competition and win the below, click here.
o Private chauffeur in a BMW X5M to and from KJ Barbers
o 1 year’s worth of Royal Treatments (1 per month) at KJ Barbers
o KJ Barbers tailored skincare pack
o Custom high-end suit at Ignition for Men

Book your luxury experience at KJ Barbers here.

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