New Minimalist Wine Bar Hits King William Road

Finding new offerings in already well-loved locations is a favourite past time of ours, and that’s why we were so excited when we stumbled upon this new wine bar.


When you head over to King William Road, you can quite literally make a day of it; whether you’re finding that perfect dress or the ideal homeware piece to turn your living area up a notch, or you’re just heading down with a few mates to enjoy an amazing meal at one of their many restaurants: there’s plenty to do, see and taste. Finding new offerings in already well-loved locations is a favourite past time of ours, and that’s why we were so excited when we stumbled upon The Local Wine Co.

What strikes us about this venue is its intimacy, and with a wine list that values quality over quantity, it’s not overwhelming walking into their little slice of wine heaven. Owners Nina and Baz Rampal say they ‘want people to feel welcomed and at home when they are walking into The Local. It’s their place, as much as it is ours, to enjoy. Essentially, we want to be that ‘third place’ between home and work where you feel good, connect with others and have a great time. What we have worked hardest at establishing, and now nurturing, is a sense of belonging for all who visit us. We want it to be a place where everyone feels like a local, every time.’

The Local features a very innovative wine tasting concept: after experiencing Enomatic machines in a Tuscan wine cellar in the Chianti wine region, they invested in three Enomatic self-serving machines, with one dedicated to South Australian wines, one featuring Australian wines and the final for international wines. Not only does this offer an inexpensive (and easy) way to taste very exclusive, premium wines that are usually only available by the bottle at other venues, it also means in one sitting you can potentially try 24 wines by the glass, and with an ever-changing line-up of wines, every visit is sure to offer something different.

Having both established their careers in the corporate world, Baz and Nina felt that something was missing – ‘a purpose, a passion… a higher level of joy, a better level of human connection.’ So they decided to take a break and travel the world, indulging in wine and food cultures across different countries, staying on vineyards, chatting with winemakers, and eating food with the locals.

After experiencing over and over again how wine and food connect people, they chose to free themselves from their everyday routines and get inspired by the way people live, think and ‘be’ in other parts of the world. And thus, The Local Wine Co. was born.

The space has a modern, clean and minimalistic feel to it with a relaxed and chilled vibe during the day and a more upbeat and lively atmosphere at night and on the weekends. Talking about her inspiration behind the decor, Nina stated that she ‘read a wonderful observation by a British art critic who said, “The thing that most people really love about their favourite piece of art is the bit they can’t describe.” Baz and I aspire to that same indefinable ‘thing’.’

Not only do they have an incredible selection of wine, including David Franz’ Red Rose 108 Varieties, but they also have a food menu consisting of small bites, local meat, cheese platters and sweet treats, including freshly made trio of dips, farmhouse pate with grapefruit marmalade, and chocolate brownies.

Their passion is evident when asked about their inspiration behind The Local Wine Co., saying they strove ‘to create a place where people can have a great time, share stories, laughs, and of course some beautiful wine and food together! The Local is not about attitude and the level of wine knowledge, it’s about appreciating the good things in life.’ We’ll raise a glass to that!

The Local Wine Co.
165A King William Road, 5061 Hyde Park
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