New Modern Aus x Fusion Eatery Opens In Welland

New Modern Aus x Fusion Eatery Opens In Welland

Modern Australian eatery, One Fork Short opens in Adelaide’s West.


Finally, some warmer weather and we’re excited to leave the cosy confines of the house and hit new and exciting eats all over Adelaide. One Fork Short is no exception, giving us plenty of options, whether it is your morning coffee, a weekday lunch, dinner date or Sunday brunch with the gals, these guys have it all.

Located at Welland Plaza just off of Port Road, this new delicious Modern Australian restaurant has a feast of options on offer and we want them all!  One Fork Short is all about Modern Australian cuisine with some Latin American, and Middle Eastern influence.

They have an all-day breakfast menu, seven days a week, including the usual culprits like eggs and smashed avo. They’ve also got a healthy-looking juice and smoothie offering which you can enjoy at a table inside or grab a seat in the outdoor dining area. You’ll also see things like bright pink hollandaise sauce to accompany your eggs Benedict or Enoki, oyster mushrooms and halloumi on sourdough toast with black truffle cultured butter. As for lunch and dinner, you’ve got options like spiced slow-cooked pork bread bombs, which is essentially a bread roll that has been dug out to make room for delicious fillings like baby spinach, mushrooms, chipotle aioli and topped with street slaw (pictured below)!

Cosy booths line one section of the restaurant alternatively, you can grab a seat at the shared long table in the middle of the room for a more lively experience. Of course, there are individual tables available as well if you’re keen to kick back with a mate. Funky jazz music will light up your ears as you look about and take in the beautiful collection of masterpieces that have been rendered onto the cement walls, giving off a unique art gallery vibe curated by designer  Shadia Design.

“It’s about been allowed to have fun and not everything has to be so serious,” says Shadia.

They’ve also got a fantastic team including Brazilian Head Chef Diogo alongside James and Arron, who bring beautiful Brazilian flavours into the kitchen. Jonny, the restaurant manager and resident coffee guru/barista has your caffeine fix and overall experience sorted, while Nico will be the friendly face to help you decide what to have off the menu.

One Fork Short is open 7 days, 9am until late. There is nothing worse than getting that long-awaited day off and finding out that the place you’ve been dying to try isn’t even open.

Want to know more / stalk the other incredible food available on the menu? head to their Facebook page, give them a call on (08) 8340 8721. OR Head on down to 23/522 Port Road, Welland.

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