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NEW! Mr Viet Reveals Expansion Ft. A Cold Roll & Banh Mi Station

With twice the room to sit in for lunch, an up-and-coming cold roll and bahn mi station, plus some new menu items — why would you go for lunch anywhere else?


Anyone who has ever strolled down James Place has walked by Mr Viet, turned to do a double take at Mr Viet, then promptly hurried back to check out what all the bustle is about.

We’ll tell you what it’s about — this humble little vietnamese eatery is fresh, quick, and easily serves up some of the best pho in Adelaide. The only downside is that it can be hard to find a seat during lunchtime.

Not anymore!

We wandered by the storefront a few days ago and barely even recognised it after its expansion. Mr Viet has literally doubled in size and can now seat over 40 people — meaning you’ll never have to sadly grab your food to go again.

And if you think that’s great news, wait till you hear about the up-and-coming cold roll and banh mi stations!

Just follow that divine scent of sizzling meat to where Mr Viet has set up a little front of house kitchen area. They’ll be cooking up all the meat for their banh mis right in front of you (so you can have lunch and a show).

They’ve also moved the cold roll station from the kitchen out front, so you can watch your rolls be rolled in real time and tailor your toppings last minute if you’re so inclined.

You can also expect a few new dishes on the menu, including classic Vietnamese broken rice (with a vegan option too) and rice drop noodles (featuring rice noodles in a clear chicken broth).

Mr Viet is also incorporating drink offerings, for the perfect summertime cherry on top of your meal. You’ll find avocado smoothies, freshly pressed juices, and something called a three coloured bean drink — a popular Vietnamese dessert drink incorporating mung beans, kidney beans, green jelly, and coconut cream shaved ice on top. It’s like a Vietnamese version of bubble tea — don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

If you’re already salivating, we don’t blame you! While regulars and newbies alike are already enjoying Mr Viet’s expansion, you’ll have to wait just a little longer for them to get the stations set up.

They hope to be up and running fully by mid-February at the latest!

Check back soon for more details — because we will be keeping a keen eye on this little gem of an eatery.

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