New Music From Aussies Hen And Pretty City

New Music From Aussies Hen And Pretty City

Adelaide artist ‘Hen’ and Melbourne band ‘Pretty City’ have just released some rockin’ new singles.


We invite you local musos to check out this new music if you haven’t already!  Adelaide artist ‘Hen’ and Melbourne band ‘Pretty City’ have released new singles.  The sultry new single In Red has been released by Hen and has some powerful messages regarding females. Psyche rock legends ‘Pretty City’ have released their new single ‘Same As Before’.

The latest Hen is an empowering pop tune that celebrates strong women while breaking down the stereotypes surrounding the ‘hot girl’. Sulty Adelaidean songstress Hen warns us  that her single In Red “is gonna cause you so much drama…’ ‘The Woman in Red’ is an image that has been used throughout various decades of music, film and pop culture to exoticise and fetishise women – it’s the associated image with sexuality and an unapologetic ownership of feminine sensuality that once would have painted a woman as a harlot or any kind of manipulative. Now, these traits are ones of strength, traits that Hen has brought to record with her new music. ‘In Red’ has a touch of X-era Kylie Minogue, while the instrumentation ensures that the song never veers from fun and catchy territory.

According to Music Feed ‘In Red’ is “A thoughtful meditation on female sexuality wrapped up in a catchy AF musical package.” And according to Darren Hassan “Hen is passionate, sweet and a little bit sultry….She’s indie-pop, but the new age of the genre, reminding me why I love that style of music.”

As Pretty City continue to expand their sound and revel in musical texture, they present the latest example of their boisterous creativity with new single ‘Same As Before’. Taken from the band’s sophomore album ‘Cancel the Future’, this new cut from Pretty City is a shot of glistening rock, delivered straight to that spot in the heart of every music fan who thrives on crashing guitars and irresistible melodies. Centred around themes of personal change or a persistent strive for altering things that ultimately might not eventuate, ‘Same As Before’ displays a more introspective facet of Pretty City’s songwriting. ‘Same As Before’ has proven to be a hit with live crowds, as the band has brought the album to rooms in the US, Australia and Europe since its release in March. Currently in the middle of a 27-date European tour that will see them wrap up in Germany this month, before coming home to continue exploring how ‘Cancel the Future’ will reveal itself on more stages through 2018.

According to Music Feed “Pretty City have unleashed their second album and it’s a swirling, distorting listen that’s full of sweet spots”. And according to Antiquiet, Pretty City is an “intersection between Tame Impala and Foals.” 

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