New Nordic Restaurant On The Horizon

New Nordic Restaurant On The Horizon

Henley Square is moving up to Prospect as the Vanzanti brothers prepare to continue their legacy with New Nordic.


Henley Square is moving up to Prospect as the Vanzanti brothers (of Swedish Tarts, MALOBO, and Hermanos Cubanos) prepare to continue their legacy with New Nordic.

New Nordic is already hotly anticipated and it’s not difficult to see why! Offering up a seasonal menu, cocktail bar, and specialty coffee, the restaurant will fit right into Prospect’s burgeoning foodie scene. Showcasing the culinary philosophies of the Nordic countries with a modern tapas menu locally roasted specialty coffee and a large selection of Nordic spirits and cocktails.

One such cocktail will be their exclusive (and very different) vapour paired cocktails. We’ve been given insight into one of these, which is a clove & blueberry gin cocktail. Just like in wine where the inhaling of the wine aroma is responsible for most of the flavour, New Nordic will be using vaporised elements to complement and contrast different cocktail creations to create a unique, layered experience.

New Nordic, the restaurant, is named for the food movement which is used to promote local, natural and seasonal produce as a basis for new dishes. The movement started with chefs Rene Redzepi and Claus Meyer of the legendary Noma as they sought to emphasise the need for “purity, simplicity and freshness” alongside the use of seasonal foods.

“In South Australia we are incredibly fortunate to have access to some of the finest ingredients in the world, without which it is impossible to follow the principles of New Nordic cuisine. New Nordic is often associated with some of the top fine dining restaurants in the world, but we aim to bring many of the principles to Adelaide in a way that is accessible to everyone. There will be a balance of traditional Scandinavian dishes with dishes that aim to apply New Nordic principles to locally available produce in a setting that is both modern and casual. Adelaide is now at a stage where it is ready to try what the Nordic countries have to offer,” says Mattis Vanzati.

Of course, as with all the other Vanzati ventures, New Nordic will be a true family affair, with mother, Louise Matschke, working in the kitchen alongside her son and Sous Chef, Liam Vanzati.

Here at Glam we are big fans of anything that uses seasonal and local produce, so we’re hoping that New Nordic (the restaurant) takes off and paves the way for New Nordic (the movement) to hit out Adelaide shores!

Situated in the heart of Prospect Road at 98 Prospect Road, New Nordic will officially launch on Tuesday, 12th December and will be open to the public on Thursday, 14th December for for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily and is the perfect destination to experience true modern Nordic tapas.
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