NEW Pakistani teahouse lands in the Central Markets

In support of the Thrive Refugee Association, the Central Markets are welcoming Pakistani family and their new business Lahore Tea House to Adelaide.

Lahore Tea House are taking up residency in the Adelaide Central Markets, bringing market-goers a taste of a cuisine that’s marvellously rich in flavour, tradition and diversity.

The Central Market, who actively aim to home talented local businesses, have dedicated their “Producer in Residence” to a passionate Pakistani family.

Owner of the Lahore Tea House Muhammad Aman ullah and his family who moved to Australia just three years ago, are pursuing their food dream with the support of Thrive Refugee Association.

Adelaide Central Market Authority General Manager Jodie Kannane said the arrival brings yet another unique offer to market shoppers.

“It is an absolute pleasure to welcome another authentic food offer to our Producer in Residence.”

“With the addition of Lahore Tea House, it further shows that our Market remains Adelaide’s food destination for multicultural cuisine and fresh produce.”

The offerings are mainly based on traditional Pakistani snacks, street food, and teas that are heavily adapted by an Indian play on spice, the bravery of “wild” far Eastern ingredients, and of course, the vibrancy of Middle Eastern cuisines.

Muhammad said he is excited to bring to the Market a taste of history from his culturally rich city of Lahore, Pakistan.

“We are honoured to be at the Market and sharing our culture with customers. When we arrived from Pakistan to Australia, the Adelaide Central Market was the first place we came to shop for our produce.

“We’re excited to be here as a producer and bring the flavours and tastes from Pakistan to Market shoppers and we can’t wait to welcome them to Lahore Tea House to learn more about the flavours of our country.”

Home to the most delicious of rices, basmati, Lahore wouldn’t embody a true Pakistani dining experience without their Biryani dish.

More traditionally made with a curried chicken and spiced rice, Lahore Tea House accomodate vegetarians with their potato version (that isn’t any less delicious).

Their gulab jamun is a must try dessert, made traditionally with milk solids (khoya), sugar, cardamon and infused with a commonly used essence, rosewater. If it’s floral aroma doesn’t have you drooling, the melt-in-your-mouth texture will!

They also have samosa “pasties” that are beautifully golden and a kafta kebab that relishes in Pakistani cuisine’s love for nuts, and is teased with the sweetness of pistachio.

Lahore Tea House also has main courses that are touched by the flavours of western food. Like their Pakistani twist on a western “toastie” that can be filled with their shami kebab, potato or chicken.

Each dish is handmade using fresh quality market ingredients. 

Lahore Tea House will trade on Market days until 6 August.

The “Producer Residence” stall can be found in the north west corner of the Central Markets, next to O’Connell’s Meats.

Adelaide Central Markets is located at 44-60 Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000.

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