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New Paws Menu Sending Pups To The Pub

Looking for somewhere for lunch, that you and your fur baby can enjoy? Look no further.

As a fur parent, I’m always on the hunt for pooch-friendly venues for us to hang out at, wear our matching outfits, and fish for compliments from passer bys, as we soak up the rays. Isn’t that what we all do? Well if heading downtown with your 4-legged significant other, is on your to-do list, we’ve found a new place to throw your dollars at.

The Havelock Hotel on Hutt Street, has just launched a brand new dog-friendly menu, because your furry friend deserves a treat as well.

Your canine companion can enjoy range of dog-friendly treats, while the rest of us can get stuck in to your traditional pub favourites (salt & pepper squid anyone?) or some more modern mains to help get you through your day.

Run, don’t walk

‘Paws’ At The Havey

🐕 Shmacko Strapz 
🐕 Organic Berry Blast Cookie
🐕 Doggie Buddha Bowl

The Havelock is located at 162 Hutt Street, Adelaide

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