New record store pops up in Suzie Wong’s basement

The store has a particular focus on hip hop, soul and funk music that you’d be hard pressed to find at other stores.

Listening to music nowadays couldn’t be easier with numerous streaming apps that you can access by the push of a button.

It’s convenient but there’s no charm in it, not like there is with vinyls.

You could be forgiving for thinking vinyls are a thing of the past but that is far from true with a lot of artists still printing new albums on vinyl.

It’s this fact that inspired Tom Abbott to open Record Playerz on Hindley Street.

At 16 years of age Tom worked at famous Rundle Street record store B Sharp before eventually running it.

He then went on to work as a lawyer for decades (which he still does), but he’s back in the record game.

This time with a particular focus on hip hop, soul and funk music that you’d be hard pressed to find at other stores.

“We stock a lot of current releases and also a lot reissues that are incredibly elaborate,” Tom says.

“The beauty now is you get it on a much heavier vinyl so when I play the reissue next to an original copy from the 80s or 90s it’s incredible how good the reissue is.”

Tom and his business partner Davide Colombi, mostly source records direct from the source in Europe as they are hard to find here in Australia.

The store was all new records but in the middle of the month they are now going to introduce a second hand section. The records still have to fit in with the overall vibe of the store.

Tom with first customer- Driller Jet Armstrong

“We’re trying to be as selective as we can. We want unique stuff that is also very good but we encourage people to bring their records they might not get as much use out anymore and we’ll have a look.”

Tom and Davide both work day jobs so their hours are limited but Tom thinks this might actually be a good thing.

“We’re extremely passionate about it but we don’t want to give up our day jobs just yet.”

“I had record store (B Sharp) on Rundle street and the store was really only really busy for three hours of the day so this time around I’m consolidating the hours,” laughed Tom.

They are open Thursdays to Saturday from 5-8pm but you can view their stock and order records from their site at any time.

Check out their website to see some of their collection.

You can find the store in the basement of Hindley Street Bar Suzie Wong at 82 Hindley St, Adelaide SA 5000.

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