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NEW RESTAURANT! Yiasou George Is Bringing A Mediterranean Party To Adelaide

Think Mykonos, Turkey or any other beautiful location in the Mediterranean. You will soon get a bite of that atmosphere here in Adelaide’s East End!

As the cooler weather sets into Adelaide, it’s nice to imagine ourselves somewhere exotic… the Greek Islands perhaps. Think whitewashed walls trimmed with blues and greens, fresh pita, wood fired meats, Mediterranean cocktails and views to match. Luckily this winter we won’t have to go any further than Adelaide’s East end as the exciting, funky new Mediterranean-inspired restaurant, Yiasou George is set to open!

Yiasou George’s Mural

Whilst we are all familiar with The Stag Public House on East Terrace, prepared to be dazzled with a brand new makeover of the former Charlick’s Restaurant site, courtesy of Sans Arc (responsible for funking out Pink Moon) and Peculiar Familia. It’s a party atmosphere with a disco ball, kitchy props, murals on the walls and funky tunes to match.

“Fun. The is our entire brief”, says restaurant manager, Jack Booker. “We take our food seriously (it’s seriously good!) but not ourselves. It’s approachable, hearty dishes that are just done exceptionally well. We want people to share, eat with their hands if they want to, and just have a good time”.

Matt Eustis, formerly of Stone’s Throw and current head chef of The Stag Public House will head the kitchen alongside executive chef Nathan Sasi, ex-Sydney’s Nomad. These guys are about to fire up the wood oven to really show us what they can do! Expect big meats, whole fishes, and of course – hot, fluffy pitas.

Add to the mix a selection of delicious, approachable drinks; the wine list will see plenty of local Aussie producers alongside Italian, Spanish and even some Greek wines. A creative, “smashable” cocktail list includes the must-try Yia Yia’s Baklava – A play on an amaretto sour. Yiasou George will flow seamlessly with The Stag Public House; you can grab a bottle of wine in the bar and take it with you into the restaurant.  

The team at Yiasou George: From left to right – Jamie Huffam, bar manager, Jack Booker, restaurant manager, Oliver Brown and Josh Talbot, co-owners. Photo by Kane Chenoweth

And it’s all in the name; of course, ‘Yiasou’ is Greek for ‘Hey!’ The name George is a nod to first ever Licensee holder for The Stag Public House. “We thought it was fun way to throw a connection to the venue’s history,” says Jack.

It’s all about the whole experience at Yiasou George, from the minute you’re in the door to the last sip of Ouzo. Fun and casual, but still with the same level of care you’d expect from a quality restaurant.

According to Jack, the festivities are about to begin. “I’ve been referring to it as a pita party – expect some funky tunes, maybe nostalgic beats, and the odd bottle of ouzo doing the rounds at 10pm on weekends. We have a world class chef, producing world class food. So why not enjoy that as best as we know how. With local booze and friends”.

We are definitely inclined to agree.

Yiasou George opens on May 15th, Wednesdays to Sundays for dinner and Friday lunches at 26 East Terrace, Adelaide.


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