New SA Icon: Nippy’s Fruchoc Flavoured Milk

Menz partnered with Nippy’s to create an iconic treat that will delight South Australians: Nippy’s FruChoc flavoured milk.

Fruchocs 375ml2 copyRobern Menz has partnered with another celebrated SA family-owned business, Nippy’s, to create an iconic treat that will delight South Australians, Nippy’s FruChoc flavoured milk.

Both Menz and Nippy’s products have been famously popular across South Australian and have a strong local and national following. Now both businesses are using key products to develop a familiar, delicious flavour that consumers are sure to love.

While Nippy’s are highly recognised for their fresh juices, consumers will also know the company for their tasty flavoured milks including chocolate, strawberry, coffee and honeycomb, and FruChocs was the perfect match to extend this flavoured milk variety.

Robern Menz Chief Executive Officer, Phil Sims, has said the collaboration will see the companies leverage their strength as local brands to set them apart from their multinational competitors. However, most importantly, both brands have put a lot of effort into getting the flavour perfected.

“We were extremely happy with a fast development of just six months,” Phil explains, “the greatest delay was getting the recipe right and through extensive tasting we think we have nailed it – a creamy chocolaty milk with apricot and peach overtones”.

These local collaborations are not new to the Menz brand, with success with their associations with Golden North and the FruChoc ice cream, as well as Kyton’s Bakery and the FruChoc Hot Cross Bun.

Phil recognises the benefits that these collaborations have brought to the local business environment, and believes that given Menz’s strong social media following and the passion that both Menz and Nippy’s have for this project, they will be able to effectively market the product and gather support from their loyal followers.

“Success with these programs have pooled resources that create increased distribution, greater local brand strength and greater engagement with consumers,” Phil said.

Nippy’s General Manager Frank Morena is also excited to be partnering with another Iconic South Australian brand to develop a range extension of Nippy’s Flavoured Milks.

“This was a challenging project, however we think that we have created “The drink for Fruchocs fans”, a milk drink lovingly crafted with peach and apricot flavours rounded with smooth creamy chocolate, “ Says Frank. “Distribution will begin in early December and already we have much interest from local SA retailers keen to support our two SA iconic brands.”

The Menz and Nippy’s FruChoc flavoured milk will be on shelves for your enjoyment in December.

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