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New SA-made energy drink, Yerbi, uses Amazonian herbs for sustainable energy

Made for those looking to boost their energy levels without the jitters, Yerbi is naturally caffeinated and sweetened with honey.

Perfect for the health conscious and folks on-the-go, Yerbi is the brand new energy drink using naturally caffeinated yerba mate and guarana to allegedly produce sustained energy without the jitters.

Yerba mate and guarana – the former a herbal tea; the latter an Amazonian plant – are both naturally caffeinated products commonly used in South America. These ingredients, sweetened with vanilla and honey, are what make Yerbi so unique.

Producing a slightly botanical flavour, Yerbi steers away from the traditional sickly sweet energy drink experience, excluding artificial nasties and includes 6.9g of sugar per 100mL (much less than full sugar alternatives).

Marketing Manager Beverley Reeves says Yerbi is trying to pave the way for the future of energy drinks.

“Most classic energy drinks follow the same base matrix – taurine, caffeine and flavour. Health conscious consumers are looking for new, natural alternatives to artificial energy boosts and Yerbi is here to provide that,” says Beverley.

“Yerba Mate is a plant native to South America that has been used for centuries to boost stamina. It’s well known for delivering a sustained, ‘calm’ energy boost and helping you avoid that jittery feeling and crash you would usually associate with energy drinks and supplements.”

Yerba Mate releases differently through the body, creating a more subtle and longer-lasting energy boost with a steady rise and decline, compared to the extreme highs and lows we typically associate with caffeine and other energy boosters.

“We know people are busier than ever these days and sometimes you just need a boost to help you through the day and into the night. Yerbi provides the great-tasting energy to do everything you need to do, but also the things you want to do,” says Beverley.

Yerbi is available from Woolworths, Drakes, Foodland SA, Romeo’s Retail and throughout the independent supermarket network for $3.50 per 250ml and $11.00 per 4-pack.

To buy or find out more, click here.

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