New Bar Specialising In Chicken Wings Now Open On King William Street

Wing It is built in the form of an Americana Sports Bar, a venue that Adelaide sorely lacks.


From Adelaide hospitality veteran, Tomas Smith, the man behind some of our favourite Peel Street locations, La Rambla and Therapy and very recently, Piccoli Piatti in North Adelaide. Now comes a new sports bar specialising in chicken wings.

Much like Piccoli Piatti, Wing It is a fresh take on a classic theme. But instead of modern Italian being the drawcard, Wing It is built in the form of an Americana Sports Bar, a venue that Adelaide sorely lacks.

Instead of streaming on tiny screens to get that sporting fix, pretty much everything that you can think of will be across the screens in Wing it. NBA, AFL, NFL, soccer, UFC and more on an array of 90-inch screens, the space is a sports lover’s dream.

With American sports memorabilia embellishing restored brick walls alongside baseball cage-like details, Wing It also features a range of booths that fit any sized group. Designed by Divide Design Co. Wing It is something akin to the typical American Sports Bar, but during the planning process, there was always a requirement for Wing It to not be just another traditional iteration. Rather a new age version was to be produced.

It’s a theme that’s reflected in the food. Sustainably farmed chicken wings are on offer alongside vegan cauliflower wings. Fried chicken sandos, chips and a host of sauces to pick from, it’s obvious that the menu at Wing It is customary of what you bite into while you’re transfixed by the game (but for everyone).

They’ve also opened with a competition for chicken wing lovers. Endless chicken wings sounds good doesn’t it? The competition is still open and linked in their Facebook page. Click here for more info.

Oh, and it wouldn’t be a sports bar without a range of beers to pick from. Wing It is looking like the perfect space to take a good crew of sports fans who’d rather head out of home for that Friday night game.

Wing It is now open and can be found at 89 King William Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000.

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