New street style fashion boutique Never Trev. opens in Adelaide’s east

A new fashion boutique Never Trev. has opened its doors on Norwood Parade with everyday streetwear for both men and women.

A new fashion boutique Never Trev. has opened its doors on Norwood Parade, and with it’s mid-century, modern look, it’s sure to generate plenty of foot traffic. 

The style of fashion stocked is everyday streetwear, clothes that anyone would be able to mix-and-match in their wardrobe. Stocking brands for men like Wrangler, Abrand, North Face and Thrills, the store also showcases two local SA brands, Lost in Nowhere and Privacy. For women, brands including Abrand, Rolla’s, Nude Lucy, Zulu and Zephyr and Ena Pelly are on the racks.

“I’ve worked along the Parade on and off and I realised there wasn’t a lot of menswear stores down here, so I wanted to focus on menswear in particular, but it is both a women’s and men’s fashion studio,” Never Trev. Director Sarah Waldron says. 

Sarah Waldron has been the Area Manager for fashion retailer Denim and Cloth that once stood where Never Trev. now stands. She had the incredible opportunity to take over the lease and create her own stylish store.

Together with the help of her husband, Sarah gutted the entire shop, bringing her own mid-century, modern touch. Never Trev. stands out from the crowd in Adelaide’s east with its mood-lighting and groovy tunes, creating a true experience for shoppers. With green velvet curtains and Vinyl Records on the walls, the store’s style takes inspiration from Op Shops.

Never Trev. originally opened for those aged 18 to 35 years, with a range of 70% men’s fashion and 30% women’s, but since opening five days ago, the shop is selling to a range of customers who are coming in and finding something they like.

“I wanted customers to come in and be like wow, this is the local hang out. Let’s grab an outfit, hang out and have a chat,” Sarah explains.

“The customers and their feedback has been absolutely amazing, we are just blown away.”

Funnily enough, during the renovation process when Sarah was shopping for everything she needed to deck-out the store, she was served by Never Trev.’s now Instagram model, Luther, at Bunnings. 

“He was so ridiculously attractive that I hit him up and asked him to be the face of Never Trev.,” Sarah says.

Image: @never.trev

While Never Trev. owners believe Adelaide may be a bit behind in exploring adventurous fashion trends, the store encourages people to have fun with it. That’s why they’ve gone for an everyday streetwear style where people can wear clothes they feel comfortable in to explore their style further.

“Fashion brings out personality in people, it’s so much fun, it’s like music. It just creates so much conversation. I think we should be a bit more ballsy here in Adelaide,” Sarah explains.

One thing you might be wondering, where did the unique name Never Trev. come from? The phrase “whatever Trev” or “whatever Trevor” was always thrown around in Sarah’s household since she was a kid. 

“When I was thinking about the name I thought, never underestimate yourself, never tell yourself that you can’t achieve the things that you want to do in life,” Sarah explains. Hence how two and two came together, and Never Trev. came to be.

Bonus points if your name is actually Trev, you get 10% off in-store! Head to Norwood Parade to suss it out or shop online now

What: Never Trev. fashion studio
Where: Norwood Parade
When: Monday to Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 11am-4pm 
For more, visit their Instagram: @never.trev 

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