New Style Bar To Add A Splash Of Village Green To Adelaide Test

New Style Bar To Add A Splash Of Village Green To Adelaide Test

Even if the upcoming test series isn’t quite going to plan, entertainment wise the Adelaide Oval are set to reveal a new style bar to add to their much loved marquees.


Look, the summer of cricket isn’t shaping up great from a results perspective. But from an entertainment perspective, it’s going to go great guns. The South Australian Cricket Association have introduced a new bar serving up a different kind of refreshment at the 2016 Commonwealth Bank Test Series at Adelaide Oval – the Village Green Style Bar.

The Style Bar will take residence amongst the Pimms, Vodka and Mumm marquees, however patrons who perch here will receive makeup, hair and sunscreen refreshments rather than the beverage variety. This is expected to be a popular feature for what is likely to be a long and eventful afternoon in the sun. The Village Green Stylebar

The off-field entertainment of the Village Green is almost as famous as it is on-field and the event is considered as one of the best social occasions in world cricket. Favourite features of the Village Green include the Pimm’s, Vodka and Mumm bars, not to mention a variety of pop-up food stalls from Poh’s Jamface to Sit Lo.
The Style bar is yet another source of entertainment provided to SACA Members.

The Village Green
Live band entertainment will include the Happy Leonards on Thursday 24th, Dusty Lee & Co. on Friday 25 November, Tom Kurzel & Co. on Saturday 26 November and the White Keys on Sunday 27 November.

SACA Chief Executive Keith Bradshaw said, “SACA Members are privileged to be able to enjoy the holistic experience of what has to be one of the most iconic events in the Australian sporting landscape.”

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