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New Teresa Palmer Film To Be Shot In Adelaide

Teresa PalmerTHE FUN IN FOREVER, an exciting new independent film project straight from Hollywood, sees Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber collaborating on what is set to be a huge hit. Being filmed between Adelaide and Los Angeles later this month, it promises a bold new approach to cinema. Veering away from traditional style, this independent film was inspired by Terrence Mallick after Teresa worked with him alongside Christian Bale. She loved the organic, improvised and spontaneous nature of Terry’s films, which has been a huge inspiration for her and Mark throughout this process and is part of the formula which will allow this film to shine and become a big success.

Mark’s last film (THE END OF LOVE) was done in this style; improvised and fly-on-the-wall intimacy. It is real, organic and un-rehearsed which adds an entire new dynamic to the film and allows the audience to relate on another level. THE END OF LOVE is having a very successful run in the USA and top film critic Roger Ebert rated it 3.5 out of 4 stars and said, “End Of Love connects and lingers by making incredible effort to seem natural”.

Teresa and Mark hope to emulate this style with THE FUN IN FOREVER and blur the line between fiction and reality. The film is loosely based on Teresa’s life experiences and incorporates many real elements from her life. Teresa’s mum, Paula, is one of the main characters in the film, playing herself, and will be filming with them both in Adelaide and Los Angeles. Teresa’s dad, Kevin and step-mum Kaaren, will also feature in the film and part of the film will be shot on location at their property. The film also features many of Teresa’s family and friends, ensuring it is a real family affair!

THE FUN IN FOREVER is an independent film and a special venture that will see Teresa and Mark deliver a project that is so poignant and conveys such an impact that it will connect emotionally with the audience in a way a lot of films aren’t doing these days. The film will be shot between Adelaide (Teresa’s home town) and Los Angeles, however, they need initial money to kick start their movie, if they raise enough to cover pre-production costs then they will be able to get their principal photography fully financed ($1.5million) and they are currently in the process of garnering support to help them get it to that stage.

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