The best way to find COVID testing wait times in SA

There’s little visibility for people in terms of how long wait times will be at different locations across the state; This Facebook page aims to change that.

Header image: SA COVID Testing Station Wait Times Facebook page.

There’s now a Facebook page showing the reality of the COVID testing station experiences, line-ups, and wait times in South Australia.

As of now, there’s little visibility for people in terms of how long wait times will be prior to lining up. People at the Victoria Park testing location are reporting 11 hour wait times, while the airport location might take just an hour. Due to the lack of uniformity in wait times, users seem to be finding this new Facebook page a helpful knowledge-sharing tool that gives them more insight into how long the testing will take. 

The unofficial page, titled SA COVID Testing Station Wait Times, is a public page for South Australians seeking information, sharing their stories, or merely wanting to vent about their experiences in testing line-ups. 

Some users post asking for tips about optimal times to line up, asking about shelter while waiting in line outdoors, and sharing their experiences of getting turned away. Facebook users from all across the state are posting their queries, and sometimes dozens of users respond with answers about their personal wait times, their view of the line-up from their car, and positive stories of quick testing. 

Some people are praising speedy service, while others are finding solace knowing others have been waiting for hours too. Either way, there are users online flocking to these posts to read the useful information and personal anecdotes about wait times.

There are also testers on the page, some of whom are encouraging those waiting in the line to sympathise with the testing staff and avoid mistreating them. One anonymous user who identified as a tester says they’re doing their best and urges people to remain kind despite sometimes lengthy wait times.

To read more about line-up experiences and to gain more insight into wait times, head to the SA COVID Testing Station Wait Times Facebook page

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